Programme Name Certificate in Automotive Engineering (Level 3)
Programme Description
Automotive Trade is one of the main fundamental disciplines of engineering in any developing economy. Its practitioners are in demand over a wide range of industries. This course provides opportunities for students to develop relevant technical, vocational and interpersonal competencies suitable for employment and further training.
Majors Automotive Trade
Minimum Requirement
a) Successful completion of Year 11 level of studies OR Certificate (Level 2) from Technical College of Fiji.

b) Applicant may also be admitted to the programme who may not meet the requirement on the years of continuous education progression, but who are able to demonstrate their ability to succeed in programmes at these levels on the basis of their maturity, work experience or prior learning and are 17 years of age
Programme Type Certificate
Credit Points Required 90
Campus Samabula,Labasa,Ba
Duration 2 Years
Estimated Tution Fees - Local (FJD) $2,451.92
Estimated Tution Fees - Regional $7,355.75
Year 2
Core Units Offered In