Strategic Plan

The 3-Year FNU Strategic Plan 2024 – 2026 on the theme of Education for Wisdom and Sustainability: Shaping Fiji’s Future established our collective aspirations that the next three years will see FNU build better and stronger as it brings us to our 15th year of existence as an amalgamated university.

This calls for a redefining of our strategic directions and we see us work to remain viable and appropriate in the context of Fiji’s development and global trends.

The Plan is also linked to Vision 2037, our longer-term vision of FNU’s future direction (2007-2037) to enhance learning, teaching and research to find sustainable solutions for Fiji and the Pacific. The Vision will ensure that we revisit and redirect our priorities in the context of local, regional and global trends and development.

The 2024-2026 Plan builds on earlier Strategic Plans and ensures the foundation for future prosperity for FNU. We accept the necessity for FNU to work with imagination and wisdom and in strategic partnerships to deal effectively with Fijian and Pacific Islands development challenges which include: poverty, protecting the Pacific environment and climate, equity in access and opportunity and ensuring that people in Fiji and the Pacific can enjoy peace and prosperity in the context of their traditional knowledge, digital development, wisdom and spirituality.

Internationalisation will also be a major area of development, in line with Strategic Priority Area 5. Developments in the Humanities and Sciences will also include languages, cultures and optimizing our FNU offerings. TVET Pasifika will remain a dynamic force to enhance FNU’s branding and prosperity. Good governance, the Blue Pacific Economic Strategy and Good Health and Wellbeing are also important aspects of our Plan.

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