Policy Repository

The Fiji National University (FNU) policies and regulations act as a guide to students, staff and users of its services. The policies and regulations are integrated into the culture of the national university that ties in with the overall strategic vision and mission.

Listed below are policies and regulations which FNU has made available to the public.

This web-page is intended to serve as a repository for University regulations.

Academic Quality Assurance Manual
Acceptable Use of FNU ICT Resources Policy
Allowances Policy
Annual Leave Policy
Attendance & Punctuality Policy
Authorship Policy
Candidature Confirmation Review Form
Capital Projects Policy
Change of Supervisors Request Form
Child Protection Policy
Code of Conduct Policy
Completion Seminar Review Form
Compliance Management Framework
Conference Funding Application Process and Form
Conflict of Interest & Commitment Policy
Corporate Governance Policy
Appendix 3 – Council Membership Guidelines
Constitution of the FNU Animal Research Ethics Committee
Consultancy & Outside Work Policy
Data Governance and Management Policy
Drugs, Alcohol, Kava, and Tobacco Policy
Emergency/Extraordinary Leave Policy
Employee Relations Policy
Employee Retention Policy
Entitlements and Ex-Gratia Payments Policy for Deceased Employees
Environment & Sustainability Policy
Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Policy
Examination Policy
External Examiner Guideline for Research Degrees
Facilities & Space
Finance Policy
Fleet policy
FNU Act 2009
FNU Amendment Act 2018
Forms Policy
Graduate Teaching Assistant Policy
Grievance Policy
Halls of Residence Policy
HDR Supervisor & Candidate Meeting Log Form
Hazardous Material Management Policy for Researchers
Higher Degrees by Research Policy and Procedure
Higher Degrees by Research Supervision Policy
Human Research Ethics Policy
ICT User Policy
Induction Policy
Industrial Attachment and Professional Development Policy
Intellectual Property & Research Commercialisation Policy
Internship Policy
Learning, Teaching & Training Policy
Leave Without Pay Policy
Meal and Rest Periods Policy
Mobile Device and Service Policy
Mid Candidature Review Form
Nomination of Examiners Guidelines
Nomination of Examiners Form
Notification of Intention to Submit Form
OHS Policy
Online Assessment Policy
Parental Leave Policy
Participation in Political Activities Policy
Personnel Records Management Policy
Policy on Plagiarism
Preventing Harassment, Abuse, Sexual Exploitation, Discrimination and Bullying (PHASEDAB) Policy
Procedure for Finding Journal Rankings
Procedures and Conditions for Appointing Adjunct Professors as PhD Supervisors at FNU
Programme Advisory Committee (PAC) Policy and Procedures
Promotions and Performance Appraisal Policy
Recruitment Policy
Redundancy Policy
Regrading Policy for Support Staff
Remuneration Policy
Research Data Management Policy
Research Funding Scheme Guideline
Research Incentive Awards Guideline
Research Proposal Guideline
Resignation and Termination Policy
Risk Appetite Statement
Risk Management Framework
Sabbatical Leave Policy
Seal Policy
Security policy
Sick Leave Policy
Standard Operating Procedure for Appointing Adjunct Professors as PhD Supervisors at FNU
Student Anti-Bullying, Harassment, Discrimination and Victimisation Policy
Student Accommodation Policy
Study Benefits Policy
Teaching Out Provision Policy
Thesis Structure Guideline
University Academic & Student Regulations
University Academic & Student Regulations – Addendum
Volunteer Work Policy
Whistleblower Protection Policy
Workplace attachment Policy


Finance Policies