International Students

Ni sa bula and welcome to the Fiji National University!

We know that you have already passed through many challenges to get here, so we want to help you to be comfortable and have a fruitful academic endeavour in your new home country away from home. Browse through this information guide for important basic information about the facilities and services provided by FNU and beyond but first allow yourself to become familiar with the new country you are in.  
Living In Fiji
Living in Fiji can be fun as well as worthwhile experience. The information and tips below can help ease your stay in your new country. The new experiences you will gain while studying in Fiji will be quite rewarding for you. About Fiji Fiji is a M...Read More
Various accommodation options for students are available in Fiji. You can either choose to stay on-campus or you can do private renting. Consider the following options to assist you in getting accommodation while you are studying at FNU: Halls of ...Read More
Support Systems at FNU
Orientation Week Orientation week at FNU is held a week before the semester begins and there is a wide range of workshops and information sessions to help you learn more about your new university and to help you get well settled. Orientation date...Read More
Health and Safety
Health and safety should be paramount to achieve academic success anywhere. It is important that you are familiar with medical services, counselling services, and emergency contacts. Hospitals and Pharmacies Your health and safety are most import...Read More
How to Apply
Regional and International Students Thank you for visiting the Fiji National University website. This section of the site outlines what you need to know to apply to study at Fiji National University, Fiji's only national University. All Program...Read More
International Student Mentorship Programme
The International Student Mentorship Programme is a volunteer peer-mentor programme in which new international students (known as “mentees”) are connected with current FNU students (known as “mentors”) who volunteer their time to help mentees...Read More