International Student Mentorship Programme

The International Student Mentorship Programme is a volunteer peer-mentor programme in which new international students (known as “mentees”) are connected with current FNU students (known as “mentors”) who volunteer their time to help mentees settle into the University and life in Fiji.

The mentors are a mix of local and international students who are trained to provide ongoing social support, assistance and guidance through one-on-one meetings and social activities (coffee meetings, shopping, study sessions, etc.) throughout the mentee’s first semester.  Their goal is to support their mentees to succeed at FNU.

How it Works:

Each mentor is assigned a mentee to support their transition into the university, which ultimately aids them to succeed at FNU. The mentees meet their mentor during the orientation week at the start of the semester. After that, they meet at least three times within the first three weeks of the semester and as needed during the semester. The student pairs are encouraged to continue to check-in with each other every month by email and in-person throughout the semester.

Who can Join:

Mentees: New international students in the first semester of their undergraduate programme.

Mentors: FNU students in either an undergraduate or a graduate programme who have attended the university for at least one semester. Check the “How do you become a Mentor?” section below to learn more about how to volunteer to be a mentor.

Become a Mentor

Request a Mentor

Why Join:

Mentees (new international students): This programme is a wonderful way to meet other students and learn about FNU’s services and resources from someone familiar with FNU.

Mentors: This is a tremendous opportunity to gain leadership, intercultural communication skills and volunteer experience. This will also be a chance to experience rich cultural diversity, meet new people and have fun!