Returning Students

We are looking forward to welcoming you back to your studies very soon.

We hope that your absence from the University has resulted in valuable professional experience, and we are glad you have decided to return to Fiji National University to resume your programme of study.

To continue with your programme, you will need to enrol. This is something that you must do every semester that you are with us. You can’t continue with your programme until you have enroled.

This page will provide you with information if you are returning to your studies after taking some time-out or to repeat a course unit(s).


Course Description

The Course Description is a document compiled by Student Academic Services which provides the details of all courses that a student has undertaken in their programme.

Details include the subject description from the FNU College Handbook/Program Document of the year the course was completed and may also include: Contact hours, Credit Points, and other information.

Students applying for entry or credit transfers to higher education institutions overseas, are often required to provide unit descriptions with their applications.

To apply for your course description, you must fill the Application for Official Letter form and submit it with payment to your local FNU campus. Course descriptions are usually processed within 2 – 3 working weeks but may take longer if the courses were undertaken prior to the year 2010.

A fee of $50.00 per programme applies.


Academic Transcripts

There are two types of academic transcripts that you can request from your local FNU Campus:

Reprint of Result Notification 

This is requested over the counter by completing the Application for Reprint of Academic Transcript form. It is processed on the same day by Student Academic Services as a true statement of your academic record for a term.

A fee of $10.00 applies.

Full Transcript 

This is requested over the counter by completing the Application for Reprint of Academic Transcript form, which takes approximately 3 days to process (if you were last enrolled prior to the year 2010). The Full Transcript is similar to the one that is issued at graduation, but may also be requested when required, for immigration or work purposes. The Full Transcript may be collected from your local campus or mailed to an address specified on the request form.

Note that a written and signed authorisation witnessed by a Notary Public from you, should be provided if anyone else is collecting your transcript on your behalf.

A fee of $20.00 applies.



Any qualified person wishing to have the certificate, diploma, advanced diploma or a degree presented at a scheduled graduation ceremony, shall apply to the Office of the Registrar, no later than the date advertised for such applications to be made. Applications are made by completing the Online Form.

Replacement Certificates

Replacement certificates may be issued by FNU under the following circumstances:

  • If the original certificate was destroyed in a natural disaster or a human disaster beyond the control of the student.
  • If the original certificate was stolen in a burglary.
  • If the original certificate was mutilated or damaged.
  • If the original certificate was lost.

According to the provisions of the UASR Section 7.11.3, for any of these grounds to be considered, the applicant is required to submit an original statutory declaration stating clearly the reason for the request of a replacement certificate.

Where reasons are destruction through natural disasters or theft/burglary, or fire/arson, the declaration must also provide details of the event (for example, the date of the flood, reports from authorities on the impact of the flood generally and specifically on the applicant, or, a police report for theft or fire). For certificates that are mutilated or damaged, these need to be submitted together with the statutory declaration. For certificates that are lost, students must advertise in the major newspapers where the certificate is considered lost, under the ‘Lost and Found’ section, at least four weeks before requesting the University for a replacement certificate.

Application is made by completing the Application for Replacement Certificate Form. A fee of $250.00 applies together with the provisions as stated in the University Academic and Student Regulations (UASR).


Update of Personal Details

If your address, phone contact and other details have changed, please complete the Application for Update of Student Personal Details form and submit it to the nearest FNU Campus. This process does not carry any fee.



Phone: (679) 3394000 Ext 2402 or 3381044 Ext 1400