Learning Support

Learning Support provides FNU Staff and Students with a wealth of resources, practices and strategies that enhance their learning experiences at the University. It provides access to resources such as the English Help Hub, First Year Experience, Learning Guides, Maths Help Hub, Peer Assisted Learning and Surveys.
English Language Hub
What is English Language Hub? The English Language Hub (ELH) is the student learning support arm of CLTE. ELH is dedicated to helping FNU students from all disciplines and abilities to become more effective writers (both in academic and non-academic...Read More
Math Help Hub
CLTE, in collaboration with the School of Mathematical and Computing Sciences (SMCS) under the College of Engineering, Science and Technology, has set up Math Help Hub (MH²) – a service to provide mathematics and statistics support and advice to s...Read More
Peer Assisted Learning
PAL Leader Application Form Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) offers free-of-charge structured study sessions facilitated by peer students (PAL Leaders) who are students with a strong academic record and have successfully completed the courses themselves...Read More
Remote Study Groups
Remote Study Group Form The comfort of learning with your peers during remote learning can still be possible through a remote study group. Students from the same course collaborate to share their learning in this virtual space, ask questions, clarif...Read More
One-on-One Consultations
Book a consultation The Center for Learning and Teaching Enhancement (CLTE) team provides a university-wide service to support students' academic learning needs. We aim to help students acquire the skills, knowledge and attribute to become independe...Read More
Guide to Effective Learning
CLTE has prepared a series of self-help guides to help you get the most out of your studies and time at FNU and beyond. These guides offer valuable strategies for developing your academic and personal skills. The guides also highlight ways to answer ...Read More
Learning to Learn Online
The continual growth in educational technology will lead to more and more of you having the opportunity to experience learning online. You will need to develop new skills to be competent online learners, and will modify your learning activities from ...Read More
First Year Experience
The First Year Experience programme has been designed to help ease integration into university life for first-year students. It provides students access to resources such as the online course Succeed@FNU and the FNU FYE Mobile App. We want all our fi...Read More
FYE Mobile App
As a first-year student, most things at FNU may be new to you: new friends, new expectations, and a unique learning environment. You might feel like an outsider at first, but don't worry—the FNU FYE app is designed to help you make an excellent st...Read More
First Year Survival Guide
First year can be one of the most confusing and exciting times of your life. All of a sudden, you are completely surrounded by members of the opposite sex, have almost total freedom, and your only responsibility is to make good grades. There are thin...Read More