Why TVET Pasifika

Our goals

  • Train the region’s workforce for employability and productivity
    TVET is essential for the post-pandemic economic recovery. TVET Pasifika enables students, employers, and development partners across the Pacific to select the technical and vocational education and training programmes that meet their specific needs. Our extensive portfolio is tailored to support diverse industry sectors relevant to our region, including agriculture and the marine sector, hospitality and tourism, business and commerce, engineering and technology, education and community care. Our wide range of courses offer individuals and organisations opportunities to train, up-skill and re-skill to meet the changing requirements of national and regional labour markets – now and in the future.
  • Serve our stakeholders
    TVET Pasifika will have a relentless focus on customer service and responsiveness to labour market needs. Through active stakeholder engagement and feedback, we will shape our overall portfolio and our individual courses to meet the needs of students, employers and development partners across the Pacific.
  • Be the provider of choice for regional TVET
    Working with our partners, we will continue to innovate, developing new courses and new teaching methods that enable individuals and businesses to become adaptable, resilient and sustainabile. Our focus on quality, employability and relevance will support our ambition to become the TVET provider of choice for the Pacific region.


  • Across the world, Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) is driving the post-pandemic recovery. TVET enables young people and those already in work to develop the skills, experience and competencies demanded by employers, in a fast-changing global economy.
  • TVET provides individuals with skill sets for lifelong employability. TVET provides employers with the skilled workforce needed to compete and succeed. In the Pacific, TVET has a crucial role to play in providing educational opportunity, reducing inequality, filling skills gaps, and supporting sustainable economic growth – especially in rural and remote communities.
  • Modern, innovative, responsive and inclusive TVET contributes to the development of a skilled, knowledge-based society. This in turn increases productivity and provides Pacific countries with the competitive edge to succeed in a globalised environment.


Why TVET Pasifika?

  • TVET Pasifika brings together the full range of FNU’s Technical and Vocational Education and Training in one place. It offers students, employers and partners an unrivalled choice of programmes, all designed to maximise employability and productivity. FNU has a successful track-record of delivering high-quality, industry-relevant TVET, in all disciplines and aligned to every major employment sector.
  • TVET Pasifika draws on the collective strength and expertise of FNU’s constituent units – its five academic colleges, the National Training and Productivity Centre, and the Fiji Maritime Academy. TVET Pasifika embodies the FNU ethos of working closely with industry to provide education for employability. Our TVET teachers have real-world industry experience as well as the right academic qualifications.
  • TVET Pasifika embodies FNU’s core commitment to education for employability and an excellent student experience. Our facilities and equipment are benchmarked against international best practice, and our courses are achieving international accreditation. With flexibility in start dates, payment plans and articulation arrangements, TVET Pasifika brings all the resources and capabilities of a large university to serve TVET students, employers and partners.


Our commitment

  • TVET Pasifika’s commitment is encapsulated in FNU’s mission: to serve the people, the economy and society of Fiji and the wider Pacific region, by providing education and training for employability, with an excellent student experience; engaging proactively with stakeholders, in our communities, nation and region; and demonstrating leadership in sustainability.
  • We are committed to putting our students at the heart of everything we do; to working together with students, employers and development partners; to ensuring that our TVET programmes are future-focussed, entrepreneurial and innovative; and to tailoring our offer to the needs of Industry 4.0 and the opportunities of the 21st
  • TVET Pasifika is committed to supporting the post-pandemic recovery in Fiji and across the Pacific. We will do this in alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), playing our part in supporting quality education, poverty alleviation, job creation and entrepreneurship, national productivity, infrastructure development and inclusive economic growth.