Research Projects

Externally Funded Research Projects

Project Title: “Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation/Lab Setup Support at FNU-CAFF”

Research Team: Dr Royford Magiri, Professor Paul Iji

Research Sponsor: Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research

Project Title: “Healthy Child Promising Future-Promoting Health in Primary School Settings”

Research Team: Dr Pragya Singh, Dr Aneley Getahun, Dr Masoud Mohammadnezhad, Dr Ilisapeci Kubuabola, Ms Sabiha S. Khan, Ms Arishma Prasad

Research Sponsor: French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development

Project Title: “Use of the Prompt PPH box Improves Management of Postpartum Haemorrhage”

Research Team: Dr Amanda Hill

Research Sponsor: Ferring Pharmaceutical, Australia

Project Title: “Revitalising Informal Settlements & their Environments”

Research Team: Dr Amelia Turagabeci, Professor Paul Jagals, Dr Donald Wilson, Mr Autiko Tela, Ms Silvia Vilisoni, Mr Revoni Bati Vamosi

Research Partner: Monash University

Research Sponsor: World Bank, New Zealand High Commission, and Governement of Fiji

Project Title: “Supporting Training of Healthcare Workers in the Pacific Region”

Research Team: Dr Iobi Batio, Ms Kartika Lata

Research Sponsor: Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade, Australia

Project Title: “Early Detection of Biomarkers for Pre-eclampsia”

Research Team: Dr Gausal Khan

Research Sponsor: Grand Challenges Canada

Project Title: “Food Switch Fiji”

Research Team: Dr Pauline Vosataki, Ms Jimaima Kuruwale, Ms Susana Lolohea

Research Sponsor: George Institute

Project Title: “Watershed Interventions for Systems Health in Fiji”

Research Team: Dr Donald Wilson, Ms Kelera Tuisova Naivalu, Ms Kini Koto Mailautoka, Ms Shayal Sami, Mr Ratu Timoci Naivalulevu, Ms Shylett Sonam Anthony, Ms Vilisi Tikodua Naivalulevu

Research Sponsor: University of Sydney

Project Title: “Healthy Ageing in Fiji”

Research Team: Dr Mai Ling Perman

Research Sponsor: George Institute

Project Title: “Integrating Hospital Care with Primary Care & Post-Acute for People with Chronic Diseases in Asia Pacific Region”

Research Team: Dr Vikash Sharma

Research Sponsor: Access Health International

Project Title: “Global Alliance for Chronic Diseases  – Scaling-up Food Policy Interventions to Reduce non-communicable diseases in the Pacific Islands”

Research Team: Dr Gade Waqa, Ms Susana Lolohea

Research Sponsor: George Institute

Project Title: “Fiji Mental Health Telehealth Initiative”

Research Team: Dr Odille Chang

Research Sponsor: St Vincent’s Pacific Health Fund

Project Title: “Otago/Non-Communicable Diseases-Women”

Research Team: Dr Gade Waqa, Mr Jeremaia Coriakula & Ms Susana Lolohea

Research Sponsor: University of Otago

Project Title: “Impact of Salmonella Typhi genome structure upon survival in water”

Research Team: Dr. William May, Dr. Donald Wilson, Ms. Susana Lolohea

Research Sponsor: Quadfram Institute Bioscience

Project Title: “Enhancing the Management of Antimicrobial Resistance (EMAR) in Fiji”

Research Team: Dr.Wilson Dr. Donald Wilson, Dr.Numa Vera, Dr. Royford Magiri, Dr.Ashodra Gautam

Research Sponsor: Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation

Research Title: “Provide support for the establishment of the data repository for Communicable Disease Research Centre at FNU”.

Research Team: Dr. Donald Wilson, Susana Lolohea.

Research Sponsor: Pacific Community

Research Title: “Sustainable and Responsible Tuna Longline Fisheries in Fiji”

Research Team: Mr. Mahesa Abeynayake, Captain. Tevita Robanakadavu and Mr. Malakao Matanisiga

Research Sponsor: World wide Fund

Project Title: “Post Graduate Emergency Nursing”

Research Team: Dr. William May

Research Sponsor: National Critical Care & Trauma Response Centre

Project Title: “Development of a Model of Fiji’s Sea Surface Temperature (SFT), Coral Bleaching (CB) and Ciguatera Fish Poisoning (CFP)”

Research Team: Dr. Jimaima Lako

Research Sponsor: Association of Commonwealth Universities

Project Title: “FNU CMNHS Regional COVID-19 Response“

Research Team: Dr. William May, Dr. Donald Wilson, Ms Susana Lolohea

Research Sponsor: Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Project Title: “FNU & Fiji MHMS COVID-19 Impact Evaluation”

Research Team: Dr. William May, Dr. Donald Wilson, Susana Lolohea

Research Sponsor: Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade


Internally Funded Research Projects

Project Title: “Training Primary Care Nurses in Fiji and Tonga in Motivational Interviewing: A Feasibility Study”

Research Team: Dr Jared Israel, Dr Alisi Vudinibola, Ms Tilema Cama (Queen Salote Institute of Nursing and Allied Health, Tonga)

Project Title: “Adopting the Okanagan Charter; a Fiji College Perspective”

Research Team: Mr Joshua Ligairi, Ms Jane Matanaicake Lum-On, Ms Latileta Odrovakavula

Project Title: “Smoking and its determinants among current smokers aged 18 and over in Suva, Fiji, 2019: A mixed-method study”

Research Team: Dr Masoud Mohammednezhad, Ms Sabiha Khan, Ms Litia Makutu

Project Title: “Isolation and Application of Plant Growth Promoting Microorganisms as Biofertilizer”

Research Team: Dr Aruna Devi, Mr Ambika Prasad

Project Title: “Characterisation of indigenous chicken genetic resources of Fiji”

Research Team: Dr Titus Zindove, Professor Paul Iji, Dr Archibold Bakare

Project Title: “The Prevalence, risk factors and antibiotic susceptibility patterns of mastitis pathogens in dairy cows in Fiji”

Research Team: Dr Royford Magiri, Dr Archibold Bakare, Dr Titus Zindove, Dr Vingelle Bautista-Jimenez

Project Title: “Use of Lactobacillus Buchneri and Molasses to Improve Quality of Cassava Leaf Silage”

Research Team: Dr Archibold Bakare, Professor Paul Iji, Dr Royford Magiri, Dr Titus Zindove

Project Title : “Women and Children Livelihood: Innovating Aquaculture to enhance mitigation and adaptation to adverse effects of climate change in Fiji”

Research Team : Ms Sumilesh Wati Pal

Project Title : “Implications of the COVID-19 pandemic on the supply, quality and value of fresh fish from Labasa to Suva”

Research Team : Dr Ravinesh Ram, Professor Paul Iji, Ms Sumilesh Wati Pal.

Project Title : “Psychiatric Nurses’ Experiences of Workplace Violence at St. Giles Psychiatric Hospital in Fiji”

Research Team: Ms Samsum Nisha Aiyub , Ms Adi Dansey, Ms Sainimere Gadai, Ms Litia Sili

Research Title: “Education Responses to Climate Change: A Case Study of the Fijian Education System”

Research Team: Dr Ravinesh Rohit Prasad, Dr Mohammed Afsar Alam

Research Title : “Assessing the impact of Covid-19 pandemic on students and staff of Fiji National University”

Research Team : Dr Eunice Okyere, Dr Mosese Salusalu , Dr Kissinger Marfoh