Short Courses
FNU has a wide range for short courses to choose from. These courses are offered under the University’s National Training and Productivity Centre. For Applications click here...Read More
Full-Time Courses
  Courses Offered in Semester 2, 2022 For Applications click here Full Time Courses Full-time TVET courses are offered through the University’s five colleges and Fiji Maritime Academy. There is a range of courses th...Read More
Online Courses
FNU has developed a list of fully-online courses for students wishing to study online. These courses are available throughout the year....Read More
The Apprenticeship Scheme is an investment for employers to develop a robust pool of qualified talent ultimately investing in business success. When companies have ready access to potential employees who possess the specialized skills necessary to su...Read More
Trade Testing
As an authority responsible for skills certification, the National Trade Testing Scheme fulfils a number of tasks enabling workers in Fiji to obtain certification for their skills. The scheme offers skills assessment and certification in 29 various t...Read More
Community-based non-formal Education & Training
Community Based Non-Formal Education and Training – NTPC remains committed towards empowering sustainable livelihood in rural and maritime communities through its Non-Formal Education Department. One method the department delivers on this is via th...Read More