Math Help Hub

CLTE, in collaboration with the School of Mathematical and Computing Sciences (SMCS) under the College of Engineering, Science and Technology, has set up Math Help Hub (MH²) – a service to provide mathematics and statistics support and advice to students from all disciplines.

How can we help?

MH² is a free face-to-face service for FNU students that is facilitated by staff members at SMCS. The service is open to students taking any course that involves mathematics or statistics. There is no need to register for a session – you just have to sign the attendance sheet on arrival, and bring your notes and questions that you have been stuck on!

MH² offers:

  • Tutoring and guidance to aid understanding in a broad range of mathematical topics.
  • Quick, thorough and efficient revision methods.
  • Fun, friendly and flexible learning space.
  • Engaging learning opportunities.

MH² will not:

  • Do your assignments for you.
  • Offer opinions or judgments on assignments that have been marked.
  • Be able to answer all your questions, but will certainly help where we can. There may be cases where we may ask you to seek assistance directly from your course lecturer.

How do I attend a session?

You do not need to register or sign up for a session. Just follow the schedule and drop by for a session as per your convenience.

How often can I attend a session?

You can attend sessions as often as you need to.

Who facilitates the sessions?

All sessions are conducted by experienced lecturers/ tutors from the School of Mathematical and Computing Science (SMCS).

Schedule a One-on-One virtual session

The virtual sessions will be conducted using Zoom. You can book for a virtual session by emailing to Upon confirmation of your booking, a Zoom link will be  emailed to you. You can click here to access the FNU Zoom Student Guide from Guide to Effective Learning on Moodle. Please email Ms. Ferine Bano at if you face problems accessing the guide.

Please Note: MHH services will be closed during public holidays, weekends, mid semester and end of semester study break.

Self-study resources

There are a variety of resources – self-study guides; exercises; video tutorials; and case studies. You can access these resources via the Guide to Effective Learning page on Moodle. Please email Ms. Ferine Bano at if you face problems accessing Guide to Effective Learning.

Free online course: FMPA

Foundation Mathematics Proficiency Assessment (FMPA) is an optional, online diagnostic tool designed to help you assess your mathematical skills. Although it is not compulsory, we recommend every first-year student to take advantage of this free-of-charge opportunity and then you are most welcome to attend the Math Help Hub (MH²) if there are areas that came up in the assessment where you felt you were a bit weak. Aside from this assessment, please feel free to attend the Math Help Hub (MH²) if there are topics you would just like to brush up.

Have a question about Math Help Hub?

If you have questions about MH² contact Mandeep Singh at