Centre for Learning & Teaching Enhancement

The Centre for Learning and Teaching Enhancement (CLTE) is a newly established unit under the Office of the Pro Vice Chancellor Learning & Teaching at FNU. The primary role of the Centre is the enhancement of learning and teaching experiences at FNU. CLTE forms part of a commitment by the University to develop and share good practices and innovations in learning and teaching to enable students to achieve their academic goals and develop skills for lifelong and lifewide learning. We also work in collaboration with academic units to promote, research and support communities of practice for the sharing of experiences and ideas.

Our work is guided by the Learning and Teaching Enhancement Strategy 2018-2021. Our highly skilled and qualified staff are strongly committed to enhancing the quality of learning and teaching at FNU. Team CLTE wishes you success in your learning and teaching experience at FNU — your success is our goal.

We have a dedicated CLTE website that lists all our services. Visit us on our CLTE website.