Programme Name Certificate IV in Agricultural Engineering
Programme Description
The programme is basically designed to equipped agricultural engineering graduates with some basic knowledge and skills on enterprise development and management to contribute significantly in improving and sustaining production and productivity of the agriculture and natural resources sectors by (1) creating jobs and livelihood opportunities in the rural communities, thus, helping to solve the unemployment problem, and (2) adding value and opportunities to farmers and other stakeholders that will redound to improved Fiji's socio-economic development and sound environment and resource management. Furthermore, other appropriate graduate attributes to this programme would include:
1. Use and apply knowledge and skills in agricultural engineering science and techniques to develop engineering technologies that will improve the productivity and profitability of farming as a source of livelihood and income.
2. Develop technologies and systems that will appropriately improve and sustain the productivity of the farming communities in the country for a balanced and sustainable socio-economic development.
3. Provide the necessary skills and expertise to relevant Fiji industries and institutions which are vital to the country's sustained growth and development under the current world's economic order.
4. Be able to contribute to the development of rural-based enterprise and livelihoods by becoming enterprising farmers/agri-businessmen and adequately skilled farm managers harnessing engineering science and technology to maximize and sustain productivity and profitability in farming, and at the same time enhancing growth and sustainable development in the rural areas.
5. Be able to pursue higher studies and career development in the field of agricultural engineering and other allied sciences.
6. Graduates shall have good work ethics and values, are competent in their field of work, proficient in Agricultural Engineering areas.

Majors Agricultural Engineering
Minimum Requirement
a) Completion of Fiji  Year 12  Certificate Examination or Fiji Year 12 Annual Exam/Assessment with a pass in English or 12 years of education with continuous progression, or equivalent or Completion of Certificate III programme.
b) Applicant may also be admitted to the programme who may not meet the requirement on the years of the continuous education progression, but who can demonstrate their ability to succeed in programmes at these levels based on their maturity, work experience, or prior learning are 17 years of age.
Programme Type Certificate
Credit Points Required 120
Campus Samabula
Duration 1
Estimated Tution Fees - Local (FJD) $3,279.73
Estimated Tution Fees - Regional $9,839.18