New resources added to The College of Humanities, Education and Law collection.
Income tax law : compliance & planning
Author: Peter Baker, Geoff Cliff, William Ellis Description: is a comprehensive volume of conceptual and applied designed to assist the study of income tax law. Each chapter contains graded questions that isolate and then integrate the various asp...Read More
The Call of the Highlands
Author: Barbara Cartland Description: Lord Alistair McDonon was distressed to learn of the death of his elder brother, which now left him heir to a title. Vainly, he fought against his father’s directive that he gives up his home in London and r...Read More
Why Do I Feel So Awful?
Authors: David R. Collison with Timothy Hall Description: Dr David Collison explains in easy-to-understand terms how and why the human body reacts adversely to a variety of substances. He examines food labelling and deceptive advertising and commo...Read More
USA History in Brief
Writer: Christine Johnson Executive editor: George Clack. Description: From its origins as a group of obscure colonies hugging the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, the United states has undergone a remarkable transformation.  One political analyst...Read More
American Themes : An Anthology of Young Adult Literature
Author: U.S. Department of State Description: Young Adult Literature covers topics such as Roots, Friendship, Challenges and Future with activities in each topic. English has multiple meanings as this American themes have focused on the meanings o...Read More
Bright Ideas : A Teacher’s Resource Manual / From Articles Contributed by The National Council of Teachers of English
From articles contributed by: The National Council of Teachers of English Compiled by: Anna Maria Malkoç and Ruth G. Montalván Description: The twenty-six practical teaching strategies in this collection originally appeared in IDEAS PLUS, a s...Read More
Create to communicate : Art activities for the English as a Foreign language classroom
Editor: Jacqueline Gardy Description: This activity book is intended for English language teachers who would like to reap the benefits that the visual arts provide but are unsure of where or how to begin. By providing art ideas and guidelines, mat...Read More
Principles of Banking Law
Author: Ross Cranston, Emilios Avgouleas, Kristin Van Zwieten, Christopher Hare, Theodor Van Sante. Edition: 3rd edition. 2017. Description: Written by a leading figure in the field, this third edition of the Principles of Banking Law provides ...Read More
The girl with a mirror : a collection of short stories
Authors: Nushrat Azam Description: This book is a collection of Short Stories written by first-time author Nushrat Azam. The book contains six short stories, the tales of every normal girl who sees herself and the world through her mirror. Each st...Read More
Developing Writing: Writing Skills Practice Book for EFL Beginning/ Intermediate Level
Authors: Patricia Wilcox Peterson Description: The goal of this book is to take the students from the mechanics of basic sentence writing to the ability to construct a simple paragraph. The vocabulary and the structures have been planned chapter b...Read More