New resources added to The College of Humanities, Education and Law collection.
Beginning Reading: A Balanced Approach to Literacy Instruction in the First Three Years of School
Author: Yola Center Description: A systematic, research-based guide to teaching reading in the first three years of school. It is designed to ensure that teachers are able to work with at risk' or reluctant' readers as effectively as those childre...Read More
Lessons from Turtle Island: Native Curriculum in Early Childhood Classrooms
Authors: Guy W. Jones, Sally Moomaw Description: Lessons from Turtle Island is the first complete guide to exploring Native American issues with children. The authors one Native, one white, both educators show ways to incorporate authentic learnin...Read More
Creating Literacy Instruction for All Students
Author: Thomas G. Gunning Description: Written by distinguished author, this text features sample lessons for virtually every major literacy skill/strategy and offers numerous reinforcement suggestions and generous listings of materials. Locati...Read More
Miller’s Australian Competition and Consumer Law Annotated
Author: Russell V. Miller Description: Businesses and advisers need to come to grips with the Competition and Consumer Act as it impacts on various aspects of day to day corporate activity. This edition includes all amendments to the act up to 6 F...Read More
Understanding Children: Foundations for Quality
Author: Jeannette Harrison Edition: 3rd Description: This book uses recent research studies on children in care and the effects of child care on young children's later emotional development and social behaviour. Parents and professionals will b...Read More
Teaching Writing: Balancing Process and Product
Author: Gail E. Tompkins Description: For courses in which the focus is on language arts/writing or the teaching of writing. Accessible and reader-friendly, this is the definitive text on teaching writing to children, the only title on the market ...Read More
Australian Labour Law: Text, Cases and Commentary
Authors: Marilyn J. Pittard, Richard B. Naughton Description: A leading work on employment and industrial relations law in Australia. This fifth edition has been revised and updated to take into account the substantial legislative and policy chang...Read More
Making Connections: Movement, Music & Literacy
Authors: Lizabeth Haraksin-Probst, Janet Hutson-Brandhagen, Phyllis S. Weikart Description: Making Connections provides you with activities that help transform children's natural abilities into the skills they need for success. The 60 activities i...Read More
Play Matters: Engaging Children in Learning: The Australian Developmental Curriculum
Author: Kathy Walker Description: This new book provides information, examples and practical strategies for classroom teachers wishing to explore and implement a Developmental Curriculum (play and project based) into the learning environment. L...Read More
Dakuwaku: A True Account Of The History, Peculiar Customs And Strange Rituals Of The Inhabitants Of Dakuwaku Of The Ebononesos Sphere Of The Great Antepus Basin
Author: Anurag Subramani Description: Welcome to Dakuwaku, a laidback town on a tropical isle where life is as ordinary as can be until the day Dr Jeeves Quakebottom Carling descends from the sky, and along with him descends panic and pandemonium ...Read More