New resources added to The College of Medicine, Nursing & Health Sciences collection.
Biochemistry for the Pharmaceutical Sciences
Author: Charles P. Woodbury Jr Description: The practical resource for pharmacy students to apply and expand their understanding of biochemistry as it relates to pharmacy practice. Real-world applications of scientific principles allow students to...Read More
A Concise textbook of Community Pharmacy
Authors: Raghvendra Sharma, Amlan Mishra, Neelima Sharma Description: Is an essential guide for the community pharmacist for providing the relevant information in an easily digestible form. The book is highly suitable for pharmacy students providi...Read More
Pharmacy Management, Leadership, Marketing And Finance
Editors: Marie A. Chisholm-Burns, Allison M. Vaillancourt, Marv Shepherd Acquisitions Editor: Katey Birtcher Edition: 2nd Description: This book applies business management theory to the pharmacy environment. High quality foundational conten...Read More
Hospital Supply Chain Pharmacy Management: Pharmacy Practice
Authors: Syed Wasif Gillani, Syed Azhar Syed Sulaiman, Khurrum Ghani Description: A quality health service/system gives patients what they want and need. All of these definitions may provide the best explanation of the concept of quality in health...Read More
Review of Medical Physiology
Author: William F. Ganong Description: This book provides a current and concise overview of mammalian and human physiology. Examples from clinical medicine have been integrated throughout the chapters to illuminate important physiologic concepts. ...Read More
Care of the Critically Ill Surgical Patient
Editor: Ian Loftus Description: The book describes a practical system for the assessment and management of the surgical patient, whether on the ward, following emergency admission or operation, in the HDU or in the ICU. Surgeons in training must q...Read More
Oxford Handbook of Clinical Specialties
Author: Judith Collier, Murray Longmore, Mark Brinsden Description: This book covers all the clinical specialties which are not covered in its companion handbook, The Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine. It continues to provide all the ideas and ...Read More
Oxford Handbook of Clinical Specialties
Authors: A.B. Collier, J.M. Longmore and J.H. Harvey Edition: 3rd Description: The third edition of this book is the sequel to the Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine; together, these volumes cover the entire range of clinical medicine. The O...Read More
Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine
Authors: Murray Longmore ...[et al] Description: This 7th edition retains the essence of the original, but has been updated and improved with a whole host of new features. There is a new chapter on radiology; new information on consent and how to ...Read More
Clinical Examination
Authors: Nicholas J. Talley, Simon O'Connor Edition: 5th Description: The new 5th edition of Clinical Examination continues to serve all medical students with a clear and understandable explanation of clinical examination. Set out logically and...Read More