New resources added to the Pacific Centre for Maritime Studies collection.
Mechanical Engineering
Author: R.L. Timings Cartoons by Mervyn Hughes Description: This is the first title in this series which will provide books and other materials for engineering and motor vehicle craft studies courses. The series has been planned to adapt to a vari...Read More
Integrated Smart Sensors: Design and Calibration
Authors: Gert van der Horn, Johan H. Huijsing Description: This book explains how to include a digitally programmable calibration feature in an integrated smart sensor. Several related topics are discussed as well, including calibration and linear...Read More
Stability and Trim for the Ship’s Officer
Authors: John H. La Dage, Lee Van Gemert Description: This text is about boats stability and trim from the point of view of the naval architect or ship builder. Location- Maritime [2 copies] OPAC Link: Click Here...Read More
Digital Electronics: Principles, Devices and Applications
Author: Anil K Maini Description: The fundamentals and implementation of digital electronics are essential to understanding the design and working of consumer/industrial electronics, communications, embedded systems, computers, security and milita...Read More
Programmable Logic Controllers: An Introduction
Author: W. Bolton Description: This book will help you to understand the main design characteristics, internal architecture, and operating principles of PLCs, as well as Identify safety issues and methods for fault diagnosis, testing, and debuggin...Read More
Power Electronics: Converters, Applications, and Design
Authors: Ned Mohan, Tore M. Undeland, William P. Robbins Description: This revised edition includes an expanded discussion of diode rectifiers and thyristor converters as well as new chapters on heat sinks, magnetic components which present a step...Read More
Practical Marine Electrical Knowledge
Author: Dennis T. Hall Description: Explanation of the ship's electrical system, including the generation plant, switchboards and distribution network. Provides correct operation, safety, testing, UMS requirements and standards for Class Surveys. ...Read More
Digital Electronics
Authors: Roger L. Tokheim, Patrick E. Hoppe Description: is an easy-to-read introductory text for students new to the field of digital electronics. Providing entry-level knowledge and skills for a wide range of occupations is the goal of this text...Read More
ISGOTT: International Safety Guide for Oil Tankers and Terminals
Edition: 6th Description: Effective management of health, safety, and environmental protection is critical to the tanker industry. This Sixth Edition of ISGOTT has been revised and updated by industry experts to provide essential guidance on curre...Read More
Ships and Naval Architecture
Author: R. Munro-Smith Description: This book covers the challenges of the marine environment and the stresses it places on a ship, its equipment and its personnel. Location- Maritime [2 copies] OPAC Link: Click Here...Read More