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Kaiviti: A Fiji Tale
Author: Blair Robertson Description: New to Fiji, seventeen-year-old New Zealander Sean McDougall makes a peculiar discovery. Superstitious Government Minister, Pio Cavubati, tries to determine what is morally best for the country as it descends i...Read More
Essential English
Written by: Christopher Warnasch Edited by: Laura Riggio Description: Beginner course, including course book, audio CDs, and online learning. There are ten lessons in Essential English that will introduce you to the vocabulary and basic grammar...Read More
Intermediate English
Written by: Suzanne Mcquade Edited by: Laura Riggio Description: Intermediate English (lessons 1 -20) is a continuation of essential English. It will review, expand on, and add to the foundation that you received in essential English. In other ...Read More
Journey of Reasons : Collected Works 1980 – 2018
Author: Bhagwanji Kantilal Bhindi Description: Is reflective of the teacher, mentor, spiritual leader, administrator creative artist and friend that Bhagwanji is. The book travels between that which embraces the lofty ideals of a good life – alm...Read More
On Creativity : Awakening the Creative Mind
Author: Ann Mean Leo Description: This book tells you all that you need to know about creativity. How you can awaken your mind and allow your imagination to soar and your creativity to flourish. Location- Lautoka [1 copy] OPAC Link: Click He...Read More
How to motivate people (Turning People On)
Author: Andrew Sargent. Description: Andrew Sargent explains the issues, the theories expounded by behavioral scientists, the barriers to motivation, the crucial influence of the personnel experts and through description of actual case studies the...Read More
Aspirations of a Limitless Mind Seeking Endless Possibilities
Author: Bhagwanji Kantilal Bhindi Description: Is based on many of the realities of the writer’s life and experiences. The poems in Aspirations of a limitless mind seeking endless possibilities explore a variety of themes ranging from life, valu...Read More
Girmitiyas : The Origins of the Fiji Indians
Author: Brij V. Lal Description: Is an imaginative and valuable contribution to the literature in Indian immigration. The many new insights it provides are of such importance that one hopes it will serve as a model for work on other indentured col...Read More
Ocean of Shadows: Collected Poems 1980-2013
Author: Bhagwanji Kantilal Bhindi Description: Ocean of shadows evokes multifarious layers of meanings. Life is often perceived as an ocean for it connotes vastness, infinite depth and reflects varying moods endless horizon and the power to connec...Read More
Fiji: Shattered Coups
Author: Robert T. Robertson and Akosita Tamanisau Description: Written in secret during the 1987 political turmoil, "Fiji: shattered coups" presents the first detailed analysis to emerge from Fiji of the political events which shook the South Paci...Read More