Lasting Differences: The High/Scope Preschool Curriculum Comparison Study Through Age 23. Monographs of the High/Scope Educational Research Foundation, Number Twelve

Author: Lawrence J. Schweinhart and David P. Weikart

Description: Findings indicate that the nursery school and High/Scope groups had significant advantages over the direct instruction group at age 23, with significantly fewer felony arrests, fewer years of special education for emotional impairment, and more members doing volunteer work. In comparison to the direct instruction group, the High/Scope group aspired to higher levels of education, and had more members living with their spouse, while the nursery school group ranked lower in number of suspensions from work. In comparison with each other, neither the High/Scope group nor the nursery school group showed a clear pattern of advantages at age 23.

Location- Lautoka [1 copy]

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