2019 Stories

From Fitter Machinist to Operations Manager
From humble beginnings as a youngster employed as a Fitter Machinist, Jimi Taniela today is the head of one of Fiji’s oldest and largest food production company the Flour Mills of Fiji Foods Limited. The jovial senior manager joined FMF in October 1994 and has served in various departments within the organisation. Taniela’s current role involves overseeing the operations of FMF from procuring prime Australian wheat, ensuring its proper storage and maintaining high-quality milling consiste...Read More
Village boy overcomes struggles to become a Dentist
Despite the difficulties Ifereimi Naiviqa was growing up with, he was determined to achieve the “Dr” title one day. His aim was to become a Dentist. Facing numerous hurdles along the way, he came out victorious when he graduated with a Bachelor of Dental Surgery in December 2018. His father was a labourer and cane cutter while his mother used to look after the family. She would collect goods from the sea and sell it at the market. Naiviqa was born and raised in Veivatuloa village in t...Read More
Ahmed – The Refrigeration and AC Entrepreneur
Young Naushim Ahmed landed his first holiday job as an apprentice at his uncle’s shop Fumiko Windscreen in Raiwaqa while he still was in high school. He immediately became fond of the job and did not think of doing anything else until the day a Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) team came to attend fault at the shop. Ahmed automatically became intrigued with the work the technicians were doing and his uncle, seeing his teenage nephews interest encouraged him to pursue for...Read More
Prasad – A shining example for women in STEM
As a child, Nileshni Prasad would often pipe up and say she would be a lawyer when asked about her ambitions. However, as a teenager, her interests leaned towards the emerging world of technology which prompted her to take up Computer Science as a subject in secondary school, and one which she was very passionate about. She attended DAV Girls’ College and St Joseph’s Secondary School. This was her first step towards her career in a Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) fiel...Read More
An Auto-Mechanical TVET Educator
Originally from the Northern Division of Fiji, Sarveskar Chand moved to Suva to pursue further studies after high school. With interests in automotive engineering, vehicle maintenance and electronics, Chand wanted to attain qualifications in all those subjects and envisioned himself teaching in the Technical and Vocational Education (TVET) sector. Keen to convert his interests into a career, Chand embarked on a journey to study Trade Certificate in Light Motor Vehicle Maintenance a...Read More