Learning Support

Glossary of Terms
This section lists terms and abbreviations used within the University. You will encounter them frequently so it is useful to know them. If you would like us to add any other term, please contact Ferine at clte@fnu.ac.fj and we’ll add it here. ...Read More
NoquBuddy Programme
The Centre for Learning and Teaching Enhancement congratulates you on successfully joining FNU! Starting university is an amazing time in your life. It’s like starting a new life altogether. You look forward to having new experiences, making new fr...Read More
We want all first-year students to have a smooth transition into FNU: your first-year success is our utmost priority. Succeed@FNU, an online course, has been designed to assist you in identifying your potential to achieve your academic goals, beco...Read More
Introductory Academic Programme (IAP)
This programme is a two-week pre-semester course designed specifically for DFAT - sponsored students newly arrived at Fiji National University. It aims to facilitate adjustment to everyday life in Fiji, Fijian academic culture, and student life at ea...Read More
First Year Fridays
What is First Year Fridays? First Year Fridays (FYF) programme is designed for first year FNU students to kick-start the semester on a high note at the university. These Friday virtual sessions are a chance for new students to acquaint themselves ...Read More
Foundation Mathematics Proficiency Assessment
Foundation Mathematics Proficiency Assessment (FMPA) is an optional, non-credit, online diagnostic tool designed to help you assess your mathematical skills. Although it is not compulsory, we recommend every first-year student take advantage of this ...Read More
Support for International Students
International students have been an integral part of FNU since its inception. FNU is committed to providing the best education and support to students who come to our shores to study at our national university. To this end, CLTE has prepared an Inter...Read More
Workshops & Events
The Centre for Learning and Teaching Enhancement offers Student Success Workshops every semester. These free workshops cover a variety of topics that are critical to learning at the University. You can view our upcoming workshops and events here....Read More