2024 – General / Registration Fees

  1. Non-refundable Enrolment Fee & Sports Levy
 Terms Enrolment Fees Sports Levy FNUSA Fees Total per Term
 Per Semester 50.00 3.00 20.00 $73.00
 Per Trimester 33.33 2.00 13.33  $48.66
 Per Quarter 25.00 1.50 10.00  $36.50
 CMNHS Per Year only (Program Based) 100.00 6.00 40.00  $146.00
 NTPC – Award Course – Once a Year 50.00 3.00  $53.00


  1. For FNUSA, $40 is charged per year

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  1. Fee Summary

2024 Programme List

Please check the Programme List for programmes offered for 2024

Important Dates for Application

  • University key dates are available in the 2024 Academic Calendar. Refer to this for all programme closing dates and start of classes.

Quota based programmes are those where due to the nature of specialisation, limited places are available in a course or programme to accommodate the number of applicants. For such programmes, the number of admissions shall be controlled. This applies to College of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences programmes, Certificate IV in Aircraft Engineering (Avionics and Mechanical Engineering), Diploma and Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in the following majors: Civil, Electrical and Mechanical.

Step 1   Identify the programme you wish to apply for:

iii. Undergraduate Programmes are generally Short Courses, Preliminary, Foundation, Certificate II-IV, Trade Diploma, Diploma, Higher Education Certificate, Higher Education Diploma, Graduate Certificate and Bachelor’s Degrees. Choose and fill Application For Admission to Undergraduate Programme

*If you are below 18 years of age it is compulsory to fill the Affidavit of Parental Consent Form

iv. Postgraduate Programmes are generally Postgraduate Certificates, Postgraduate Diplomas and Masters by Coursework. Choose and fill Application For Admission to Postgraduate Programme

v. Higher Degree Research Programmes are the following only: Master of Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries and Veterinary Science by Research, Doctor of Philosophy (Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries & Veterinary Science), Master of Humanities and Education by Research, Doctor of Philosophy (Humanities and Education), Master of Business Hospitality and Tourism Studies by Research, Doctor of Philosophy (Business, Hospitality and Tourism Studies), Master of Engineering, Science and Technology by Research, Doctor of Philosophy (Engineering, Science and Technology), Master of Medicine, Nursing and Health Science by Research (Quota Based) and Doctor of Philosophy (Medicine, Nursing and Health Science) (Quota Based). Choose and fill Application For Admission to HDR Programme

Step 2
   Fill in the Admission Application Form

Attach all certified true copies of required documents listed in the Admission Application Form relevant to your application

Step 3
   Submission of Complete Admission Application Form

Once the application form is filled and all relevant documents are attached please email your application to

Thank you for choosing to apply to study at FNU.