FNU Student Complaints

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Raising a concern or making a complaint

The Fiji National University believes that platforms need to be provided to the students, applicants, and prospective students who wish to raise concerns or lodge complaints regarding the services rendered by the institution. FNU values all feedback either positive or negative.  Negative comments are taken constructively and assist the institution to gauge the quality of its services and through which it aims to improve its services in the areas of concern.

FNU’s Commitment

FNU will:

  • Handle all complaints sensitively and confidentially;
  • Take all complaints seriously;
  • Not treat you differently because you have made a complaint;
  • Be fair to all parties involved.

What is a complaint?

An expression of dissatisfaction about FNU’s action or lack of action or a specific concern about the support & academic services and any specific concern about the activities for the University students.

When do I complain?

The complaints regarding incidents, staff, or areas concerned need to be reported instantaneously. Delays sometimes can hinder a proper investigation. In most cases, we will be able to resolve your concerns.

An acknowledgment with the reference number will be issued to you upon submission of your complaint.