NoquBuddy Programme

The Centre for Learning and Teaching Enhancement congratulates you on successfully joining FNU! Starting university is an amazing time in your life. It’s like starting a new life altogether. You look forward to having new experiences, making new friends, learning new skills, as well as achieving academic excellence. While there is so much to look forward to, the first year of university can be challenging. But don’t you worry. We know exactly what you need! noquBuddy is your go-to programme.


What is noquBuddy programme?

“Noqu” is an iTaukei word for “my”. So noquBuddy means “MyBuddy”. This programme aims to assist new first-year undergraduate students, whether local or international, to have a smooth transition to FNU. This short-term programme runs from week 1 to week 7 of the semester to provide the first-year students (noquBuddy Mentees) with the opportunity to connect with a second-year or above full-time FNU student (noquBuddy Mentor) who helps them adjust well to university life and successfully overcome any hurdles to make their first year university experience an awesome one.

How to become a noquBuddy Mentor?

If you are a current and active second-year or above FNU student and you would like to volunteer to be a noquBuddy Mentor, then you can register your interest here.

As a noquBuddy Mentor, you will be required to take out at least 1 hour per week to guide the noquBuddy Mentees. Your valuable support and assistance during this short term programme will enable the noquBuddy Mentees to have a smoother initial transition to university life. You will be provided training upon your selection as a noquBuddy Mentor to enable you to carry out the required tasks successfully.

How does the noquBuddy programme work?

  1. It’s very simple. If you are a first-year undergraduate student and you wish to be paired with an experienced FNU student who can help you to become familiar with the campus while making new friends from the get-go, then you can request for a noquBuddy Mentor here. Registration for noquBuddy Mentees is now open.
  2. You will be connected with a small group of other new students within FNU to explore and discover student life together. Your other buddies may be from a different background or course.
  3. We will then pair your group with a noquBuddy Mentor (a current and active second-year or above full-time FNU student) who will guide you in the right direction if you have questions about life on campus, settling in or making adjustments to university life, engaging in social activities, learning about campus facilities and student support services, together with acquainting yourself with academic protocols and study procedures at FNU.

Why should you be part of this programme?

Be part of this programme to:

  • get crucial information and advice during your early university days
  • make new friends & connect socially with life at university
  • expand your network
  • familiarise with the campus facilities
  • learn about the university culture

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is the noquBuddy programme for?

This programme is for new, full-time first-year, undergraduate students at FNU. The programme aims to provide additional non-academic support to first-year students so that they can settle well at FNU.

2. Who are the noquBuddy Mentors? 

noquBuddy Mentors are second-year or above full-time students at FNU and are familiar with navigating student life on campus.

3. Are the noquBuddy Mentors paid?

No. This is a volunteer scheme but the mentors will gain some crucial networking and employability skills. They will also receive a certificate of appreciation.

4. How are the noquBuddy Mentors and noquBuddy Mentees matched?

The noquBuddy Mentors and noquBuddy Mentees will be matched based on information provided by both parties upon registration. Every effort will be made to ensure the participants’ interests are aligned as closely as possible. Some degree of flexibility and understanding on the part of the participants may be required to make the most of the opportunity.

5. Can International students register for this programme as well?

Yes, you can. You can get more information on support for international students here.

6. When is the first meet-up?

At the start of each semester, once the pairing of the mentors and mentees are done, the noquBuddy Mentor will make arrangements for the first meeting. After the first meet and greet session, both the parties are encouraged to continue catching up, either via social media or simply just by grabbing a coffee or lunch together.

7. Will the noquBuddy Mentor help me with my assignments or exam preparation?

Your noquBuddy Mentors will only help you settle well at FNU. They are not tutors and are not trained to assist you with academic work. noquBuddy Mentors may share their experiences and study tips but they will not be able to assist you with reviewing academic work and assignments.

BUT don’t be discouraged! CLTE has academic support and learning guides to assist you in this area.

8. What if I have a question that is not answered here?

Please feel free to email Ms. Ferine Bano at