National Apprenticeship

National Apprenticeship

apprenticeship scheme

The National Apprenticeship Scheme was introduced in 1963 under the Ministry of Labour and known as the Fiji Apprenticeship Council. In 1974, the responsibility was passed to TPAF (then FNTC) for expansion. Transformation of FNTC to TPAF was carried out in 2003, the National Apprenticeship Training Department was passed on to the National Standards and Accreditation Council.

The role of National Apprenticeship Training Scheme is regulated and administered by the National Training & Productivity Centre through the support from the Industries to address the skills required and to produce competent and certified work force for the organisations.

Basic Entry Requirements

  • Must be capable of completing off-the-job theoretical training at FNU or other approved institutions
  • May be exempted in part(s) of off-the-job theoretical training which the apprentice may have done prior to joining the scheme
  • Minimum age for apprenticeship is 18 years
  • There is no maximum age limit for entry into the scheme but good health is necessary and valid medical certificate is required before registration

How to Join the Apprenticeship Scheme

  • Candidates may apply directly to the employer.
  • A list of employers authorised to engage in apprenticeship training is available on request from NTPC
  • New employers who wish to engage in apprenticeship training are required to apply to NTPC for permits to train apprentices

Contract of Apprenticeship

Apprentices are indentured under a form of contract conforming to the Apprenticeship Order under The Fiji National Training Order: Cap. 93 Section 21 as now it is under The Fiji National University (Amendment) Decree 2010
The contract is between the:

  • Employer
  • Apprentice; and
  • Director of NTPC

If the apprentice is under the age of 18 years, a parent or guardian will be required to sign as guarantor for the apprentice.

The contract is made under the Apprenticeship Order to enable the apprentice and the employer to fulfill their obligations and responsibilities during the term of apprenticeship. This contract, after being fully completed and signed by all parties is submitted to the NTPC for registration. After registration, the NTPC keeps its own copy and forwards the other two copies to the employer where:

  • The employer retains the original; and
  • gives the apprentice his copy

This contract is fulfilled on the successful completion of the apprenticeship when the apprentice becomes a qualified tradesman.

Probationary Period

A probationary period of 6 months is allowed from the date of registration of contract. This serves to:

  • allow the employer to assess if the apprentice has the right attitude for the chosen trade; and
  • give the apprentice a chance to decide whether to continue in the trade

The Trades in Apprenticeship

Trade Certificate Category
Trade Name  Duration (years)
Trade Name Duration (years)
 Aircraft Maintenance  4  Automotive Electrical   3
 Automotive Mechanic  3  Boilermaking   3
 Carpentry   3  Cook   3
 Electrical Fitter Mechanic   3  Electronics  3
 Fitting and Machining   4  Heavy Commercial Vehicle Mechanic  3
 Heavy Mobile Plant Mechanic   3  Industrial Sewing Machinery Mechanic  3
 Joinery and Cabinet Making   3  Panel Beating  3
 Plumbing  3  Printing  3
 Plant Maintenance Engineering  3  Saw Doctor  3
Refrigeration and Air conditioning   3  Welding and Fabricating  3
 Shipwright   4    


Technician Certificate Category
Trade Name  
Duration (years)
  Automotive Engineering  4
  Electrical Engineering  4
  Mechanical Engineering  4
  Plant Engineering  4
  Telecommunication Engineering  4
 Marine Engineering 4
 Navigation and Seamanship 4

Note: These programmes do not fall under Credit Point System

Apprenticeship Wage Rates
Trade Level
Wage Rate $/hour Technician Level Wage Rate $/hour
 First Year 1.94  First Year 2.05
 Second Year   2.05 Second Year 2.37
 Third Year  2.37 Third Year 2.68
 Fourth Year   2.68 Fourth Year 2.98

Apprenticeship Awards

The Best Apprentice of the Year Award Ceremony is also an important event held by the NTPC to honor the apprentices who have excelled both in academic studies and on-the-job performance.
The selections of award winners are based on the following criteria:

  1. Academic performance for all stages of theoretical training (50%)
  2. Employers assessment of on-the-job training of the apprentice (25%)
  3. NTPC’s Apprenticeship Officers assessment of reports of every on-the job inspection throughout the apprenticeship term (25%)

Some of these awards include:

  • Overseas trip to either New Zealand or Australia
  • One week tour of the industries Fiji wide 
  • Book and tool voucher or cash prizes


The National Apprenticeship Training Department of the National Training & Productivity Centre of Fiji administers the National Apprenticeship Scheme from:
1, Beaumont Road, Narere
P. O. Box 6890, Nasinu, Fiji
Tel:  3392000 ext: 4795/4792
Fax: 3340184
e-mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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