Automotive And Mechanical

The Department of Automotive & Mechanical consists of eight major trade sectors and fifteen training staff in the field of Automotive and Mechanical programmes, which are currently offered around the country and can be tailor-made to suit the needs of industries.

One of the most considerable advantages of the Department is the trainer’s industrial experience they have from industries before recruited as trainers. In addition to that work experience and teaching experience, we also have some of the latest training equipment that is current to the industries and will surely give learners the confidence of employability to work for industries around Fiji.

We also offer programs on modular base and competency-based training and assessment, which allow an inclusive learning environment for all types of learners. Learners are permitted to partake during classroom activities and also during practical exercises throughout a modular session and assessed until proven competent for the task given.

Added to our specialized programmes are some of the generic courses such as Workplace Communication & Ethics, Computer Fundamentals, Trade Calculation, Workshop Safety, which are the critical elements for any trade person to equip with apart from trade knowledge.

The Department of Automotive & Mechanical assurances that any type of learners attending our programmes with us not only have the skills and knowledge of the trade but also most importantly the work ethic and attitude that suit any local, regional, and global industries.