National Productivity & Industry Innovation

The Department of National Productivity & Industry Innovation provides training and consulting services on strategies, techniques and tools for productivity and quality management in manufacturing and service organizations. Productivity and quality are integral components of organizations’ operational strategies.

Productivity plays an important role at both macro and micro levels. At micro-level, firms use productivity as a performance measure to benchmark against best-in-class companies to identify best practices. Quality management has become an important part of management culture and allows organizations to continually improve its processes, products and services.

The Department delivers training courses which are specifically designed for the industry and ensures that the needs of our clients are met by training that equips them with the knowledge and skills demanded by rapidly transforming learning environment. The Department’s programs offer innovative, research-based alternatives for the initial preparations and continuing development of the nation’s workforce at all levels.

A strong emphasis is being placed on professional training and accreditation in various facets of training. The training courses are designed in consultation from the industry though our Industry Visits, Industry Discussion Forums and Industry Training Advisory Committee review.

The Department also provides consultancy services to organizations in various areas that help an organization to implement the learning’s of the training courses, and assists organizations in meeting new standards and levels of quality and productivity. The Department has arrangements with corporate alliances and international partners and continues to benchmark its services to prepare a new generation of workforce to meet the challenges of knowledge-based organizations.

To complement the quality and delivery of service, the department has a professional, experienced and dedicated team that provides outstanding service to its stakeholders and strives to continually improve service quality. The competency of the team is enhanced through continuous training and development.