About NTPC

The National Training and Productivity Centre (NTPC) is the leading organisation in providing skills training to the industries in Fiji. Offering more than 600 courses each year, NTPC aspires to deliver the right skills with right motivation, to continuously build a healthy and productive workforce that is competitive globally.

NTPC is divided into the following sections, each tasked to provide industry orientated programmes and short courses.

Division of Training: Department of Automotive and Mechanical, Department of Information Technology, Department of Executive Management, Department of Construction, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering and Department of Tourism Hospitality Fashion Travel.

Division of Consultancy: Department of Quality Awards, Department of National Productivity & Industry Innovation, Department of Trade Test and Apprenticeship and Department of Community Based Non-Formal Education and Training

NTPC acclaimed remarkable achievements in 2019. The Department of Information Technology held its inaugural National Conference on Information Technology with great success. This accomplishment was replicated by the Department of Tourism Hospitality Fashion and Travel during its inaugural Hospitality and Tourism Festival. Both events are now the showpieces of NTPC events after the prestigious Fiji Business Excellence Awards that celebrated its 21st anniversary in 2019.

NTPC is the founder and host of a large number of industry practitioner’s conferences and events including:

  • Fiji Occupational Health & Safety Conference, National Trainers Conference, National Convention on Quality, National Conference on Information Technology, Fiji OHS Awards, Fiji Business Excellence Award (FBEA) and Hospitality and Tourism Festival

NTPC is also in the forefront of providing Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) programmes to the trade sectors in Fiji. The Department of Automotive And Mechanical, Department of Construction and the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering spearhead the provision of TVET courses. There are a wide range of programmes tailor made to boost the overall efficiency and productivity of any organization in Fiji’s trade industries.

The training programmes offered by NTPC is ISO9001:2015 certified. This ensures that NTPC always remains customer focused and continually improve its training packages and related services to meet and exceed customer requirements.

The technical programs offered at NTPC consist of 70 percent practical learning and 30 percent theory. Students are kept current with Fiji’s industrial practices. This is possible because the training scenarios put students into practical situations, through effective training simulators that enable them to train and be ready to work in the industry environment with very little supervision and assistance. Some Simulators used in short duration programmes are:

  • Mobile Laptop training
  • Training Restaurant, Kitchen, hotel room, online reservation system,
  • Technical workshops

Our trainers are industry practitioners and we have policies in place to ensure that the trainers are always up to date with the current industry practices and developments. We offer multi-skilled qualified trainers who can help students to achieve their goals. Our trainers have the capacity to take the training to the participant’s level of understanding even without the proper education qualification

NTPC strives to offer a unique experience of our training.  We can tailor-make the training courses to suit the industries specific requirements within our capacity. There are no enrolment fees and simple enrolment process with minimum document requirement and we also cater for school dropouts and give them an opportunity for a better future. The design and delivery of our short courses lead to quick job opportunities. NTPC also provides on flexible training to suit industry work schedules. 25 percent of our Technical trainers have more than 10 years of industrial experience; and 75 percent of our technical trainers have more than 20 years. NTPC has also provided training to people with special needs. Our programs/courses are developed based on industry needs and demands and vetted by Industry Training Advisory Committee (ITAC).

NTPC has over 20 years of experience in delivering international franchised qualifications in Fiji. This allows our graduates to gain superior recognition locally, as well as in Australia and New Zealand. Our strong Strategic partners are: APO, TAFE WSI/NSW, CompTIA, ICDL Asia, Pearson Vue, Pivot Point and FIT College.

The National Training & Productivity Centre (NTPC) has a very specific mandate, which is firstly to provide in-service training for industry, and to provide specialised consultative services to assist the industry achieve their productivity goals.

NTPC is also delegated to manage the National Apprenticeship Scheme, provide trade testing, deliver Community Based Non-Formal Education and Training, and organize national and international level Quality Awards recognition platforms.