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Roots and Wings: Affirming Culture in Early Childhood Programs
Author: Stacey York Description: Roots and Wings will open doors to beginners in cultural diversity education, and will enrich the more experienced readers. It is a grand tool for assisting early childhood educators to address the many-faceted and...Read More
On Reflection: Reflective Practice for Early Childhood Educators
Author: Angela O'Connor and Cathy Diggins Description: Reflective practice is an integral part of providing quality early childhood programmes. On reflection offers early childhood education students and practicing teach practical advice Locati...Read More
Reflections: Reggio Emilia Principles Within Australian Contexts
Author: Jan Millikan Description: These children used each other as springboards, and their theories became more elaborate as time went on. I had listened in amazement to these 5 and 6- year-olds as they had worked out these issues for themselves....Read More
Early Childhood Professionals: Leading Today & Tomorrow
Authors: Marjory Ebbeck, Manjula Waniganayake Description: This text clarifies for the first time what contemporary early childhood practitioners and leaders need to know in order to manage early childhood services in a professional way. Locati...Read More
Skills for Preschool Teachers
Author: Janice J. Beaty Description: Built around the 13 functional areas of the Child Development Associate credential, this book is packed with the information future teachers need, whether they will teach in a preschool, child care center, Head...Read More
The Parent Newsletter: A Complete Guide for Early Childhood Professionals
Author: Sylvia Reichel Description: The Parent Newsletter is a comprehensive guide for teachers, directors, and administrators interested in creating attractive and informative parent newsletters. Location- Lautoka [1 copy] OPAC Link: Click ...Read More
The Colors of Learning: Integrating the Visual Arts into the Early Childhood Curriculum
Authors: Rosemary Althouse, Margaret H. Johnson, Sharon T. Mitchell Description: Unique in its creativity and depth of understanding, The Colors of Learning will change the way that teachers think about and react to children’s artwork. Promoting...Read More
How Languages Are Learned
Authors: Patsy M Lightbown and Nina Spada Description: This series is designed to provide a source of reference for both language teachers and teacher trainers. Each title is intended to serve both as a basis for courses and seminars, and as a lon...Read More
Enhancing Early Emotional Development: Guiding Parents of Young Children
Authors: Jean Wixson Gowen, Judith Brennan Nebrig Description: This engaging book helps professionals who work with families of young children nurture those crucial bonds, giving parents the support and guidance they need to identify their childre...Read More
All Children Read: Teaching for Literacy in Today’s Diverse Classrooms
Author: Charles A. Temple Description: All Children Read offers future K-8 teachers the best practices for nurturing emergent literacy, teaching early literacy concepts, and developing reading and writing in all students―those of varying reading...Read More