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Creating Literacy Instruction for All Students
Author: Thomas G. Gunning Description: Written by distinguished author, this text features sample lessons for virtually every major literacy skill/strategy and offers numerous reinforcement suggestions and generous listings of materials. Locati...Read More
Understanding Children: Foundations for Quality
Author: Jeannette Harrison Edition: 3rd Description: This book uses recent research studies on children in care and the effects of child care on young children's later emotional development and social behaviour. Parents and professionals will b...Read More
Teaching Writing: Balancing Process and Product
Author: Gail E. Tompkins Description: For courses in which the focus is on language arts/writing or the teaching of writing. Accessible and reader-friendly, this is the definitive text on teaching writing to children, the only title on the market ...Read More
Making Connections: Movement, Music & Literacy
Authors: Lizabeth Haraksin-Probst, Janet Hutson-Brandhagen, Phyllis S. Weikart Description: Making Connections provides you with activities that help transform children's natural abilities into the skills they need for success. The 60 activities i...Read More
Play Matters: Engaging Children in Learning: The Australian Developmental Curriculum
Author: Kathy Walker Description: This new book provides information, examples and practical strategies for classroom teachers wishing to explore and implement a Developmental Curriculum (play and project based) into the learning environment. L...Read More
Dakuwaku: A True Account Of The History, Peculiar Customs And Strange Rituals Of The Inhabitants Of Dakuwaku Of The Ebononesos Sphere Of The Great Antepus Basin
Author: Anurag Subramani Description: Welcome to Dakuwaku, a laidback town on a tropical isle where life is as ordinary as can be until the day Dr Jeeves Quakebottom Carling descends from the sky, and along with him descends panic and pandemonium ...Read More
Young Blood: The Story of the Family Murders
Author: Bob O'Brien Description: After years of speculation and rumor, this text presents the real-life expose of the notorious "Family Murders" in Adelaide, told by the man who solved the case. He arrested Bevan Von Einem, who was found guilty of...Read More
Lasting Differences: The High/Scope Preschool Curriculum Comparison Study Through Age 23. Monographs of the High/Scope Educational Research Foundation, Number Twelve
Author: Lawrence J. Schweinhart and David P. Weikart Description: Findings indicate that the nursery school and High/Scope groups had significant advantages over the direct instruction group at age 23, with significantly fewer felony arrests, fewe...Read More
Talks with Teachers of Young Children: A Collection
Author: Lilian G. Katz Description: This book contains a collection of the author's previously published articles on early childhood care and education. Many of the issues explored were stimulated by experiences with teachers and caregivers of you...Read More
Effective Early Childhood Programmes
Editors: Iram Siraj-Blatchford, Martin Woodhead Description: This publication, the fourth in the series, looks at the policy issues surrounding the early childhood education and care programmes: there is compelling scientific evidence showing impr...Read More