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The Fifth Child
Author: Doris Lessing Description: A self-satisfied couple intent on raising a happy family is shocked by the birth of an abnormal and brutal fifth child. Doris Lessing's contemporary gothic horror story—centered on the birth of a baby who seems...Read More
Islanders: The Pacific in the Age of Empire
Author: Nicholas Thomas Description: This compelling book explores the lived experience of empire in the Pacific, the last region to be contacted and colonized by Europeans following the great voyages of Captain Cook. Unlike conventional accounts ...Read More
The Handmaid`s Tale
Author: Margaret Atwood Description: Offred is a Handmaid in the Republic of Gilead. She hasonly one function: to breed. Ifshe deviates she will like dissenters be hanged at the wall or sent out to die slowly of radiation sickness. But even a repr...Read More
Doors Open
Author: Ian Rankin Description: Mike Mackenzie is a self-made man with too much time on his hands and a bit of the devil in his soul. He is looking to liven up his days when a chance encounter offers him the opportunity to do just that. He is goin...Read More
The Book of Hindu Festivals and Ceremonies
Author: Om Lata Bahadur Description: Highlights how the main festivals of India are celebrated, providing background, details of the prayer ceremonies and rituals, the special dishes associated with some of the festivals and recipes for them. L...Read More
Sevens Heaven: The Beautiful Chaos of Fiji’s Olympic Dream
Author: Ben Ryan Description: The incredible story of how one man inspired a nation of underdogs to achieve sporting greatness. It is late summer 2013. Ben Ryan, a red-haired, 40-something, spectacle-wearing Englishman, is given 20 minutes to deci...Read More
Advanced English
Written by: Suzanne Mcquade Edited by: Laura Riggio Description: Advanced English (lessons 1 -16) is a continuation of intermediate English. It will review, expand on, and add to the foundation that you received in Intermediate English. Loca...Read More
The Quality School Teacher: Specific Suggestions for Teachers Who Are Trying to Implement the Lead-Management Ideas of the Quality School in Their Classrooms
Author: William Glasser Description: This book is the follow up to its immediate predecessor, the Quality school. It is written for teachers who are trying to give up the old system of boss-managing which is effective for less than half of all stu...Read More
Kaiviti: A Fiji Tale
Author: Blair Robertson Description: New to Fiji, seventeen-year-old New Zealander Sean McDougall makes a peculiar discovery. Superstitious Government Minister, Pio Cavubati, tries to determine what is morally best for the country as it descends i...Read More
Essential English
Written by: Christopher Warnasch Edited by: Laura Riggio Description: Beginner course, including course book, audio CDs, and online learning. There are ten lessons in Essential English that will introduce you to the vocabulary and basic grammar...Read More