New resources added to The College of Humanities & Education collection.
First Steps Together: Home-school Early Literacy in European Contexts
Editors: Henrietta Dombey and Margaret Meek Spencer. Description: In collaboration by teachers and researchers who in different European countries with their diverse histories and cultures have a care and responsibility for the early stages of chi...Read More
Pre-school and Infant Art
Author: Kenneth Jameson Description: Is a remarkable contribution to the study of the meaning and educational value of the art of young children and will be invaluable to all teachers and parents; indeed, to all those who are involved with childre...Read More
Parents and Caregivers in Partnership for Children
Author: Anne Stonehouse Description: There are a wide variety of ways of involving parents in child care and all services that take this responsibility seriously must ensure that this variety exist. Cervone and O’leary (1982) have developed a gr...Read More
Playing Outdoors in the Early Years
Author: Ros Garrick Description: As the curriculum for young children becomes increasingly differentiated, this book suggests one means of integrating the learning experience at the primary level. It explains how research focused on the ways in wh...Read More
The Store
Authors: James Patterson & Richard Dilallo Description: Harbouring a secrect that could get him killed, Jacob has to find a way to escape The Store’s watchful eye and publish his expose’- before the truth dies with him. Location- Lautok...Read More
When Courage Came To Call
Author: L M Fuge Description: When bombs begin to fall on their peaceful island, Zamascus, Saxon and his twin brother must learn to cope with the reality of life in their increasingly war-torn nation. Location- Lautoka [1 copy] OPAC Link: Cl...Read More
An Australian Dictionary of Eponyms
Author: Richard Trahair Description: This book covers the fascinating topic of eponyms - words in the English language which are also the names of people. There are over 500 eponyms defined, and each one is accompanied by a succinct history of its...Read More
The Call of the Highlands
Author: Barbara Cartland Description: Lord Alistair McDonon was distressed to learn of the death of his elder brother, which now left him heir to a title. Vainly, he fought against his father’s directive that he gives up his home in London and r...Read More
Why Do I Feel So Awful?
Authors: David R. Collison with Timothy Hall Description: Dr David Collison explains in easy-to-understand terms how and why the human body reacts adversely to a variety of substances. He examines food labelling and deceptive advertising and commo...Read More
USA History in Brief
Writer: Christine Johnson Executive editor: George Clack. Description: From its origins as a group of obscure colonies hugging the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, the United states has undergone a remarkable transformation.  One political analyst...Read More