A career in the Accounting field
Rukhsard Banu attributes her successful career to curiosity and keen interest in the fundamentals of business management from an early age. Banu’s family operates a retail store in Rakiraki town and while growing up she would spend most of her time hanging out in the store with her parents and watch the daily activities involved in running a business. “I was always curious about how things work in the business sector and I would keep asking my parents' different questions daily. While ...Read More
Caring for the sick, Alumna Nair shares her journey
The journey for patients diagnosed with cancer is both mentally and physically exhausting. The on-going treatment and anxious moments hoping for the good news takes toll on the patients and their families. Children who are diagnosed with cancer are treated at the Paediatric Oncology Unit at the Colonial War Memorial Hospital (CWMH) in Suva. This is a special unit that looks after children with cancer. As you walk into the specialized unit, you will quickly realise that it is different from...Read More
From Diploma to Masters, the Journey of Sonam Chand
Born and bred on a farm, Sonam Chand is well-aware of the struggles people endure daily. The struggles strengthen her desire to be successful in life. Chand turned her focus on education to realise her dreams. Today, she works as an Administrator (Asset & Facilities) for Fiji National University (FNU). This success didn’t come quite easy for her. She embarked on her journey to further education in 2006 at the Fiji Institute of Technology (FIT), now known as the FNU’s College of Busine...Read More
Captain Komainaiqoro – The Ship Captain
Growing up in the beautiful Koro Island, Captain Samisoni Komainaiqoro’s love and appreciation for the sea was ‘automatic’ and he relied on his parents and elders to gain more knowledge about his surroundings. As Captain Komainaiqoro shared, the sea was a key source of food and catching a bounty daily was the norm for young teenagers. Going for a quick swim and playing touch rugby along the sandbanks was a favourite pass time. It was here that Captain Komainaiqoro’s love for the sea s...Read More
Learning never stops, Singh shares his journey
Thinking and setting life goals early is important, even though circumstances may change and lead you to a different path, but it will help you learn to plan, make a commitment and develop discipline. These are the words of Ravitesh Singh, who as a youngster, developed a keen interest in pursuing a profession in medicine. To Singh’s advantage, his parents encouraged him to follow this path and he ended up being introduced to medical imaging science. “Through my parent's guidance, I pur...Read More