New resources added to The College of Business, Hospitality & Tourism Studies collection.
International Relations Theory of War
Author: Ofer Israeli. Edition: 2019. Description: Covering 1816–2016, this book deals extensively with the international system as well as the territorial outcomes of several key wars that were waged during that time period, providing an inst...Read More
Managing in an organisation
Author: Robert Dickerson, Fiona Seeley. Description: Provides exercises, problems, and projects to reinforce business concepts and skills learnt, and covers the following subject areas: Accounting Systems Design; Preparing a business plan; Busines...Read More
Fundamentals of Labor Economics
Author: Barry Tillman, Peggy Tillman, and Wesley E. Woodson. Edition: 3rd edition. 2016. Description: This thoroughly revised guide offers complete coverage of the latest trends and advances in ergonomics and psychology and lays out practical a...Read More
Introduction to Management
Author: Colin Combe. Edition: 2014. Description: This new textbook covers all of the core topics found on Introduction to Management modules, and the author's clear, accessible writing style guides students through the world of management. Inno...Read More