2019 Stories

Shipwright Apprentice to Manager
Lopeti Radravu is the man leading Fiji mission to be the Marine Gateway in the Pacific Region. He is the Operations Manager of Fiji Ships and Heavy Industries Limited (FSHIL), a subsidiary of Fiji Ports Limited. Radravu grew up in Naroi Village which is one of the largest villages on Moala Island in the Lau Group. This meant that ships often came to this village to bring supplies for the people.   Seeing the ships always made young Radravu wonder how it worked. He imagined himself learn...Read More
Caring for children with cancer
Standing tall in his hospital scrubs, curiously looking through the file of a young toddler before greeting him in a cheery voice which is instantly reciprocated with a generous smile from the patient. This is how Dr Savenaca Seduadua, the Pediatric Registrar at CWMH normally starts his daily shift consulting and checking on his young patients who are suffering from various kinds of cancer. The Oncology Unit of the Pediatric Department is a special unit dedicated to children who are suffering...Read More
Sukul excels as entrepreneur in niche medical sector
Growing up in Sigatoka, young Keshvi Lal Sukul’s favourite past time was watching crime fiction television programs such as CSI: Crime Scene Investigation where investigators deduced crime by analysing evidence in state of art laboratory facilities. This much loved past-time ritual slowly developed into something more serious as Sukul grew older and began to set her career goals. “My father is a doctor and because of that I was familiar with the medical field. I knew I would wo...Read More
Laboratory Science and Medical Labs
Ritambhara’s favourite time in high school used to be during Science laboratory classes.  She was her happiest when surrounded by a microscope, petri dishes and slides.  Today, she has a much larger laboratory to work in and is the Acting Lab Superintendent of Lautoka Hospital.  “I like to believe that the field chose me. Everything about it intrigues me,” she said. Medical laboratory scientists are key members of the medical society, working in all areas of the cli...Read More
The Journey of an Electrician
As a young boy, Ashtosh Singh was always fascinated by fuse boxes and powerlines. He was always eager to work in the field. Having made up his mind at a young age, he worked towards this goal. “I did not want to be confined to a desk and chair. I always wanted to be out and about,” said Singh. Singh currently works as a High Voltage Technician in The Lines Company in Auckland, New Zealand. Youngest of four siblings, Singh was born and bred in Viseisei, Lautoka. He attend...Read More