2019 Stories

The Pharmaceutical Entrepreneur
Arnal Krishn Singh had his career planned out from a very young age. Although he was born and raised on a farm in Lovu, a suburban area just outside of Lautoka city, his interest lied in the health sciences and providing safe and effective medication use. He had his heart set on becoming a pharmacist and opening up his own pharmacy. Today, Singh operates the Getwell Chemist in Saweni, Lautoka. Singh is the eldest of three brothers. His youngest brother is a Doctor at Labasa Hospita...Read More
Numbers in the life of an Accountant
Swastika Darshani was always good with numbers and never shyed away from a numerical challenge.  Being enticed with numbers, it was no doubt that Darshani would one day end up in field that allowed her to discover the logic behind complex equations. “I loved working with numbers. During my high school, I used to score an A+ grade in accounting and maths, so I made up my mind to further dissect numbers and understand the logic behind it.  I realised that accounting was the field I coul...Read More
A Teacher for Life
Growing up on a small farm in Siberia, Labasa, Vishnu Deo Sharma faced a lot of challenges as a youngster in a rural area with very little facilities.  However, going to school was something he looked forward to.  Books, desks, classroom and playgrounds were comforting.  He decided quite early on in life that he was going to become a teacher and contribute to the education sector of the country.    Today, Sharma is the Principal of Baulevu High School, a position he was promoted to i...Read More
The Exemplary Entrepreneur
Using traditional means to create modern artifacts and jewellery is not only something unique but one that takes a lot of time and patience to perfect. The outcome on the other hand provides customers something extraordinary to marvel at and appreciate. Such is the story of Taito Lawakele who owns and operates Vanua Clay (Fiji) a contemporary business which is gradually making waves in the local business community. As the name suggests, Lawakele creates souvenirs and jewellery from...Read More
Mallam’s Journey to Becoming a Wireman
Jason Mallam and his colleges are often seen strapped to the Energy Fiji Limited (EFL) poles, repairing cables and miraculously restoring electricity supply. Mallam is an Installation & Maintenance electrician “A” but becoming an Electrician wasn’t Mallam’s initial choice. Like many youngsters, FNU alumnus, Jason Mallam had a dream to be a pilot. The unfortunate reality was that becoming one required a lot of money so he couldn’t afford it. From then on, he grabbed every oppo...Read More