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It is my honour and pleasure to welcome you to The National Training & Productivity Centre (NTPC) of the Fiji National University.

The National Training & Productivity Centre sincerely carries out the functions indicated in the Amended Fiji National University Decree 2010. Hence, the Centre is mandated to provide training to organisations to enhance their efficiency, productivity and enable them to compete in the domestic, national, regional and global market.

The National Training & Productivity Centre consists of 13 training departments under the three training divisions namely; Technical Training, Executive Management and Hospitality Services and Business and Information Technology. These departments conduct short courses in a diverse range of areas.. The courses range from IT, Quality Management, Environment Management, Occupation, Health and Safety, Business Excellence, Accounting to Customer Service, Hospitality, Tourism, Sales, Marketing, Fashion Designing, Business Communications, Training of Trainers, Knowledge Management, Supervision, Management and Executive Leadership Development. In the Technical Training areas the range is even wider covering some 28 trades in Trade Test, Apprenticeship Training Scheme, Electrical, Electronics, Automotive, Construction, Plumbing, Joinery, to Marine and Port Industry Development.

All trainings offered have been collaboratively developed with our industry partners and I am grateful for the comments and feedback that we have received from all stakeholders. All our courses are additionally vetted and endorsed by the 13 respective Industry Advisory Committees (IACs) so that they remain relevant and current to our local industry’s training needs.

The National Apprenticeship Training Department is reviewing its programmes to better suit the demands of the industry. Diverse benefits in the scheme have been provided by the Fiji Government to assist with the administration and promotion of the scheme in Fiji.

The National Trade Testing (NTT) Department in October last year with the FNU Council approval now has the inclusion of a new trade, Motor Vehicle Electrical Electronics (MVEE) trade which makes a total of 28 trades in the NTT scheme. 

The training schedule for 2017outlines details of the courses to be offered over the respective months and venues.

The NTPC will be delighted to conduct customised in-house programmes for any organisation or employer in any area. We will also formulate training programmes if it is not listed in our offerings.

We look forward to hearing from you on any new area(s) of need as well as receiving on-going feedback on our programmes and services.

I wish all students, participants, employers, staff and organisations an eventful and productive learning year.


Mr Peni Taoi
Acting Director

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