Executive Management

Welcome to the Department of Executive Management (DEM) of the Division of Executive Management and Hospitality Services of National Training and Productivity Centre. We appreciate your interest and commitment in Executive Management training programme.

One of the measures of success for Department of Executive Management is our ability to manage the ever-changing needs and circumstances of our customers, evolution of new technology, products and services. We have committed ourselves to specific standards of performance against which the public can gauge what they can and should expect from us. Such benchmarks call for an immense amount of flexibility, commitment and skill from all of us. We must ensure that our operational standards develop even further through the perseverance and performance of our employees.

Each of us has a role to play in meeting the challenge of improving our operational efficiency and maintaining a dynamic and progressive approach to people management. This orientation booklet, not only encapsulates the vision and guidelines principles of how we intend to up skill and upgrade the knowledge and competencies of our people. It also, provides a practical tool to assist us all in realising our vision.

A successful career is directly proportional to an individual’s abilities, his or her will for action, capacity for vision, knowledge gathered through experience and, above all, education and training, a high standard that we believe our Training Department can offer you. The Department has a broad spectrum of short course training in Human Resources Management, Customer Service, Sales & Marketing, Business Communications, Real Estate, Training of Trainers modules & Executive Management & Leadership. The department also runs Diploma in Human Resources Management franchised from TAFE NSW.

The Department also holds the only National Trainers Conference annually, which brings together trainers, assessors and HR Personnel from all over the nation with international speakers and local experts discussing new and innovative training methodology and practises.

The Department programmes are vetted by the relevant Industry Advisory Committees before it is approved by the University’s Senate. These short courses now all have credit point allocations to assess requisition of prior learning for attainment programs in the relevant pathways.

In addition to this, we also undertake a review of existing programmes every year to assure that we progress as per our plans. We also invite industry practitioners as guest speakers to add value to our programmes. Our trainers are well qualified with industry experience and practical attachments in the industry to understand the process and best practices. We also do post and pre-course evaluations to determine the entry and exit behaviour of our participants.