Programme Name Diploma in Engineering (Mechanical) (Level 6) (Quota Based)
Programme Description
This programme aims to produce graduates who will meet the need to cope with the challenge of increased engineering demand and given society's growing awareness of the environment. Graduates with sound scientific and technical knowledge who are also sensitive to the needs of the community and environment are the need of the hour. The programme has been designed in such a way as to allow the graduates to develop a basic all-around knowledge in various engineering fields and at the same time enable them to gain a high level of professionalism in their chosen field of engineering with an insight into engineering management principles. The programme also allows them to understand the rational use of resources. It teaches them organizational discipline and basic supervisory skills, which will benefit them and the organisation they serve after finishing their education.
Majors Mechanical
Minimum Requirement
a) Pass in Fiji  Year 12  Certificate Examination with 200 out of 400 marks with 50% minimum marks in English, Mathematics, Physics/ Technical Drawing/Applied Technology /Chemistry, and 1 other science or Technology subject or Completion of Certificate (Level 4) programme. 
b) Applicants may also be admitted to the programme who may not meet the requirement on the years of the continuous education progression, but who are able to demonstrate their ability to succeed in programmes at these levels on the basis of their maturity, work experience or prior learning and are 17 years of age.

This is a Quota based programme and as such applicants, with higher-level entry marks may be considered during the ranking of candidates.

Programme Type Diploma
Credit Points Required 360
Campus Samabula
Duration 3 Years
Estimated Tution Fees - Local (FJD) $13,391.00
Estimated Tution Fees - Regional $40,171.88