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Unit Code: MCD651

Unit Name: Solid Mechanics

Description: Engineering Technologists are expected to understand the behaviour of solid bodies subjected to external loading and distinguish the relationship between the externally applied loads and the induced internal stresses in various structural members. You will also learn design and analysis techniques of axial and torsional loaded members, beams, columns and pressure vessels. This course will also enable you to implement these relationships into the mechanical design procedure in order to determine the appropriate material and geometry for the structural or machine member.

Learning Target Outcomes: On successful completion of this course, students should be able to: 1. Apply knowledge of mathematics, engineering mechanics and material science to the structural analysis of mechanical structures. 2. Identify and analyse well-defined engineering problems reaching substantiated conclusions using codified methods of analysis specific to their field of activity. 3. Identifies relevant constraints and requirements and sets out an accurate description of the problem 4. Applies established diagnostic processes and codified methods to define problems 5. Systematically checks the analysis for accuracy and validity of assumptions made 6. Function effectively as an individual, and as a member in diverse technical teams. 1.2. 7. Communicate effectively on well-defined engineering activities with the engineering community and with society at large, by being able to comprehend the work of others, document their own work, and give and receive clear instructions. 1.2.8. Applies independent learning practices .

Prerequisite: MED521

Prerequisite Sentence: N/A

Credit Point: 12

Offered In: Semester 1