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Unit Code: MCD653

Unit Name: Renewable Energy Technology & Sustainability

Description: Students are expected to be able to provide energy systems and renewable energy resources, with a scientific examination of the energy field and an emphasis on alternate energy sources and their technology and application. In this course you will use focus on alternate, renewable energy sources such as solar, biomass (conversions), wind power, geothermal, and hydro. Energy conservation methods will be emphasized. You will also gain a strong foundational knowledge of sustainability and the balance between environmental, social, and economic systems. This course will also provide students with a thorough introduction to sustainability topics such as ecosystems, energy and water challenges, life-cycle analysis, new technology, and climate change science and also incorporates hands-on activities. This course also introduces the academic approach of Sustainability and explores how today?s human societies can endure in the face of global change, ecosystem degradation and resource limitations. The course focuses on key knowledge areas of sustainability theory and practice, including global change, energy, agriculture, water, environmental, ethics, and cultural history. It is also important to expose students to the various methods and tools that can be used for designing sustainable systems. Project: Students will be grouped and select or given a renewable energy topic to create a working model and present before a panel of staff/industry.

Learning Target Outcomes:

Prerequisite: N/A

Prerequisite Sentence: N/A

Credit Point: 12

Offered In: Semester 2