New resources added to The College of Engineering, Science & Technology collection.
Food Processing Technology: Principles and Practice
Author: P.J Fellows Edition: 4th Description: This fourth edition has been substantially updated, rewritten and extended with a new chapter on industrial cooking, an expanded and consolidated section on food storage and video links to many proc...Read More
Major Environment Issues: An Outreach to The South Pacific
Editor: Jagjit Khurma, Steve Sutcliffe. Description: The environmental concerns are currently being compounded by inadequate environmental policies, insufficient appreciation for environmental problems and the inability of small island nations to ...Read More
Mechanics of Materials
Author: Ferdinand P. Beer, E. Russell Johnston Jr., John DeWolf and David F. Edition: 7th edition. 2015. Description: Mechanics of Materials is the uncontested leader for the teaching of solid mechanics. Used by thousands of students around the...Read More
The Service Consultant : Principles of Service Management and Ownership
Author: Ronald A Garner and C. William Garner. Edition: 2nd edition. 2014. Description: Designed to prepare readers for a successful career as an automotive service consultant, Second Edition teaches readers how to maximize profits and improve ...Read More
Managing Automotive Businesses: Strategic Planning, Personnel, and Finances
Author: Ronald A Garner and C. William Garner. Edition: 2006. Description: This new book introduces readers to the duties and practices assigned to service managers in the successful operation of an automotive service facility. Coverage begins ...Read More
Woodwork in Theory and Practice
Author: John A. Walton. Edition: 6th edition. 1979. Description: A useful guide for students, teachers and amateurs, this book covers all phases of woodworking technique and technology, including tools, processes, fundamental constructions, har...Read More
An Advanced Textbook on Biodiversity : Principles and Practice
Author: K.V. Krishnamurthy. Edition: 2003. Description: Biodiversity has now become a multidisciplinary subject in which concepts, ideas and methodologies have been contributed by a number of other disciplines. However, there is a dearth of com...Read More