The Pacific Sexual & Reproductive Health Research Centre (PacS-RHRC) represents a new and dynamic approach to the Sexual & Reproductive Health (SRH) research issues and challenges of the Pacific Island Countries. In keeping with the Pacific move towards integration of HIV & STI into the larger SRH agenda, PacS-RHRC, in the College of Medicine, Nursing & Health Sciences (CMNHS), Fiji National University, is dedicated to:

  • Conducting, facilitating, mentoring and teaching SRH research which will provide evidence-based information and knowledge to influence and support national and regional policies, programs and projects to promote healthier lives for Pacific Islands Countries & Territories (PICTs);
  • Developing and increasing research capacity of Pacific Islanders towards sound research that will inform the Pacific response to SRH;
  • Identifying through research, evolving best SRH practices for the PICTs which are country-specific, culture and gender-sensitive and sustainable for the Pacific’s future generations.

PacS-RHRC will fulfill its roles to the best of its ability to CMNHS, FNU and the wider Pacific Islands in several ways:

  • Conduct, facilitate, provide technical support and teach SRH academic, behavioral surveillance, clinical, and operational research;
  • Develop and support SRH research capacity of Pacific Islanders;
  • Publish research information as articles in peer-reviewed journals;
  • Attract research funding and grants for SRH research independently or with collaborating partners;
  • Disseminate research findings widely through national, regional and international workshops, seminars, conferences and publications;
  • Develop and maintain partnership with disadvantaged and marginalized communities to provide evidence-based information and knowledge towards appropriate SRH policies and strategies for improved healthy reproductive lives;
  • Assist in the translation of research findings into relevant, sustainable outcomes for studied communities;
  • Be a repository of SRH research in the region by gathering, storing and disseminating SRH reports to interested individuals, partners and key stakeholders; and,
  • Develop and expand SRH Networks within and outside the Pacific region.

PacS-RHRC collaborating Partners

PacS-RHRC will conduct research and disseminate findings independently or work in partnership with collaborating such as academic, technical, donor, NGOs institutions, and other key stakeholders such as governments and special communities in the Pacific Islands Countries & Territories. PacS-RHRC currently enjoys the support and collaboration of a group of regional and international community, technical and academic institutions  such as the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) through its Western Pacific Office, Suva; International Planned Parenthood (IPPF) through its Pacific Office in Suva, the Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC) through its Public Health Program, based in Suva, Pacific AIDS Foundation (PIAF), the Oceania Society for Sexual Health & HIV Medicine (OSSHHM), and the Women’s & Children’s Health Knowledge Hub (Crossmap) a partnership between Burnet Institute’s Centre for International Health, the Menzies School of Health Research in Darwin, and the Centre for International Child Health at the University of Melbourne. PacS-RHRC is keen to develop collaborating networks for the development and advancement of SRH research and capacity at CMNHS, FNU and the Pacific region.

PacS-RHRC Research Areas & Interests

PacS-RHRC is a Pacific regional organisation and will conduct research in the Pacific region on the following issues:

  1. Knowing your STI and HIV epidemic
  2. Family Planning
  3. Safe motherhood (antenatal, perinatal & postnatal) issues & practices
  4. Sexual practices of man, women and youths in the Pacific
  5. Access & barriers to condoms and other contraceptives uptake
  6. Sexual & reproductive health, rights, practices and the law
  7. Health care workers as SRH service providers;
  8. Sexual Violence and Violence Against Women and Children


Ms Avelina Rokoduru

Centre Coordinator


Tel: (679) 3233 257 – Direct

For more information on what we do, access CMNHS Research online at