Student Support Services

The College Regional Office (CRO) aims to provide regional and remote students with an excellent student experience during their time of study at our college. The CRO provides the following services:

Student Experience

  • Help new students acclimate to campus life, academic expectations, and resources.
  • Address the needs of students in terms of academic, social, or personal to promote success and a positive experience.
  • Coordinate and assist regional students with matters to be addressed at the Deans Dialogue.
  • Provide support and assistance to students on campus to enhance a safe place for them to live in.
  • Conduct student satisfaction surveys on a semester basis to get feedback that helps the CRO to improve on the services provided continually.

Student Academic Support

  • Through the Student laptop borrowing scheme and recharge card giveaways, the CRO supports students’ learning through digital technologies.
  • Help students access services offered by the University and use the resources and opportunities provided by the Centre for Learning and Teaching Enhancement to improve learning.
  • Providing details on academic programmes, campus facilities, and student services.
  • Informing students about safety, conduct, and University policies such as academic, accommodation, finance, FNU Uni-clinic, and counseling services.
  • Admission – Assist students with relevant information they need in terms of Admission.
  • Registration/Enrolment – Provide students with the relevant information they need in terms of registration.
    • Guide student to the Head of School, Head of Department for Academic Counselling on their programme and course requirements.
    • Assist students with their registrations in terms of how to register their courses, Course withdrawals, Change of programmes, update of student personal details, and request for support of repeating unit(s).

Student Life Support

  • Counselling Services
    • Provide professional counseling support to those who may be facing emotional, psychological, or life challenges. It is a free, voluntary, and confidential service for all CMNHS students and staff.
    • Provides unconditional acceptance and provides an opportunity to be heard empathetically and without judgment.
    • If you have any issues affecting your ability to study or perform well, please talk to us about it.
  • Financial Services
    • Assist students with financial queries such as fee invoices, financial holds, and other financial matters.
    • Providing quality and timely services to donor agencies, award holders, and support services to education units.
  • Immigration/Visa, Sponsor, Donor Assistance
    • Facilitate students’ needs to contact their respective embassies for queries and assistance.
    • Help students who may be experiencing difficulties with immigration and student permits.
    • For more information regarding immigration, click on the link
  • Tax Identification Number (TIN)
    • Assist students in obtaining a Tax Identification Number (TIN) to open new bank accounts while they study at CMNHS.
  • Accommodation
    • Provide students with relevant information they need in terms of accommodation and liaise with Manager Accommodations.  There are two options for accommodation (i) On Campus and (ii) Off Campus. For more information, please click the link


Relevant contacts for on-campus accommodation at CMNHS

Campus Name Position Email Phone
Pasifika Campus Ms. Nitika Devi Warden
(679) 3311700 ext.: 3338
(679) 9220817 (m)
Hoodless House Ms. Salote Ratubalavu Warden
(679) 3311700 ext.: 3104
(679) 9942338 (m)
School of Nursing Ms. Binita Kumar Warden
(679) 3311700 ext.: 3626
(679) 91463339 (m)
School of Public Health and Primary Care Ms. Sudeshna Sharma Warden
(679) 3311700 ext.: 3849
679) 9004922 (m)


  • Campus Activities
    • Actively encourage students to engage in activities that are planned during the academic year.
    • Welcoming of first-year regional students and provision of a comprehensive orientation programme which includes the following:
      • FNU Campus tour.
      • City tour.
      • Conversational Hindi and Fijian Sessions.
      • Monthly Talanoa Sessions.
      • World Days celebrations and Mental Health Month.
      • Cultural week activities.
      • Christian Fellowship Activities
      • Buddy with local students/ staff and peer support sessions/ training.
      • Village excursions.
      • Team building with fellow students and staff (Zip Lining, trekking, etc.).
      • Farewell of final-year students.


  • Collecting Mail

You can have your mail sent to the College Regional Office (CRO) address for collection.  Please ensure that you keep the correct tracking number and make the payments accordingly for receiving your parcels. You may forward your formal mail/documentation to be received by the CRO Office and the team will send you an email to your student account when your parcel has arrived at our office.  If you wish to send mail you may use: EMS, DHL, TNT, or W&G to send mail/parcels abroad.


Mailing Address

Your name, ID number
c/- College Regional Office
Fiji National University
College of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences
Hoodless House, Brown Street
Suva, Fiji