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Newly incorporated into the Fiji National University, the College of Medicine, Nursing & Health Sciences (CMNHS) is a merger of two of Fiji’s Oldest Health and Medical Institutions; The Fiji School of Medicine and the Fiji School of Nursing.

Our Mission:

  • To be globally recognised for academic excellence and relevant research; graduating highly proficient, reflective, ethical, compassionate and adaptable leaders, who are dedicated to the improvement of health outcomes, particularly, in the people of the Pacific.

Our Vision:

  • To be the premier health education provider, workforce training and health research institution in Fiji and the Region

We Value:

  • Leadership
  • Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Strategic Relevance

The College delivers undergraduate programs in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, health, medical imaging, medical laboratory technology, public, nutrition, physiotherapy, nursing and midwifery. To extend the formal academic program, short courses are offered in areas such as reproductive health, trauma management, advanced life support and disaster management, emergency health, phlebotomy and treatment of Tuberculosis.

Choose from our wide range of study option:

Our Programs

At the College we have a strong desire to create an environment where students thrive to achieve maximum potential while learning. We aim to graduate highly proficient, reflective, ethical, compassionate and adaptable leaders who are dedicated to the improvement of health outcomes, particularly, in the people of the Pacific.

Our programs are tailored according to the demands of the workforce and our students undergo industrial attachment to get a firsthand experience of real life situations. We continuously guide and motivate our students to ensure they receive a holistic development at one of the most iconic medical institutions in the South Pacific.

We offer a total of:

  • Four certificate Programmes
  • Three Diploma Programmes
  • 13 Bachelor’s Degree Programmes
  • Eight Post Graduate Certificate Programmes
  • 17 Post Graduate Diploma Programmes; and
  • 13 Master’s Degree Programmes


Elective Attachment in Fiji

Elective attachment is available to overseas students in medical specialties such as Medicine, Surgery, Paediatrics, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Community Medicine, Dentistry and Physiotherapy.

Medical and dental students from outside the Pacific Region have found it refreshing to do an elective of their choice in Fiji because they can undertake their elective attachments while enjoying the tropical climate and scenery Fiji is famous for.

Procedures in General

Electives attachments for international students are normally offered for a period of 4 to 6 weeks, subject to availability of limited places. An offer of an elective attachment placement is made on the understanding that the total duration overall of electives performed in Fiji will not exceed six weeks. International students who wish to apply for a clinical clerkship of more than 8 weeks will be charged a weekly fee to the College of Medicine, Nursing & Health Sciences (see details on the acceptance letter) and immigration fees of FJD190 to the Fiji Immigration Department.

Given these elective placements in Hospitals and various Health Centres, the College as a training institution has a duty of care to protect patients and not place them at unreasonable risk.

Therefore, the College will ensure that each prospective elective student meets the following criteria before a placement is offered:

• The applicant fills the Application form.

The applicant must send, with the application form, a current authorized police record report (a "police check") on him/herself and forward ‘in confidence’ to the College.

A reference on the student’s current bona fide status in the University in which he/she is a registered student must also be attached to their applications.

The applicant should be in his/her final years of clinical studies at the time of the proposed elective attachment, and must have completed his/her undergraduate course in the expressed fields of interest.

The applicant must also organize his/her own personal accident insurance, health insurance, professional indemnity insurance, and public liability insurance covers.

There is no fee charged when making enquiries on the availability of an elective attachment placement. When a placement is available the prospective student is notified and the College expects a formal reply from the student within 6 weeks of the date of the offer letter or the offer will lapse. Written acceptance of offered placements must be accompanied by a bank draft for FJD500, which is the elective fee, and should be made payable to the “Fiji National University” or bank transaction (see details on the acceptance letter).

Except in extenuating circumstances, this fee will NOT be refunded when prospective elective students cancel their placements one month before they are due to start, having previously accepted the offer.

International students who accept an elective attachment placement will be given a provisional student status of the College to allow them access to the Hospitals and the CMNHS Resources Centre and Libraries.

For queries or more information, please contact the Elective Program Coordinator on;

T: [679] 3311700 ext.3001
E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The College of Medicine, Nursing & Health Sciences (CMNHS) Department of Academic Services Division (DAS) comes under the responsibility of the University Registrar.  The academic office is responsible for the CMNHS students’ academic records administration, academic regulations and processes, and working collaboratively on these with the CMNHS Academic Schools & Departments and other services. It provides the academic administration and support services in line with identified needs to ensure the academic success and social wellbeing of all students.


To manage the progression of students from selection, enrolment through to graduation including many of the key underlying services and processes, ensuring through regulation and quality assurance that academic standards are met.

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