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Dreaming of a career in Medicine? Or perhaps Environmental Health or Dentistry? The College of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences (CMNHS) offers a range of Certificate, Diploma, Bachelors and Postgraduate Higher Education (HE) programmes for you to choose from. CMNHS traces its foundations back to the 1800s. Previously known as Fiji School of Medicine (FSM) and the Fiji School of Nursing (FSN), the two institutions were established in 1885 and 1893 respectively. Now known as the College of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences, the College continues to provide quality education for future health professionals of Fiji and other Pacific Island…Read More



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9 March , 2021
NTPC committed to producing quality Apprentices
2 March , 2021
213 students graduate from NTPC’s Sustainable Livelihood Project (SLP)
26 January , 2021
NTPC conducts Food Safety Consultancy with Industry

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22 March , 2021
2021 Fiji OHS Conference

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Acting Executive Officer EOMed@fnu.ac.fj (679) 3311700 Ext: 3002