The Center for Health Information Policy & Systems Research (CHIPSR) was established in 2010, following the increase realization that Health Systems in the Pacific needed evidence based research to ensure the development of regional and national policies that addressed the long term sustainability of health systems, and the provision of equitable health services for the Pacific. The vision of CHIPSR was to be the most admired center of excellence in Health Systems and Health Policy in the Oceania region.

CHIPSR mandate is to perform research in human health and well-being for economically sustainable community and society and its focus is on health financing, health information, and health systems and health policy.

Purpose of CHIPSR Reference Group

CHIPSR Reference Group are intended to provide strategic direction and advice and nurture the development of CHIPSR. Reference Group is intended to be advisory and not managerial and is not expected to consider day to day management and procedural issues. It has no decision-making authority, but can make recommendations for the staff and management of the center to consider.

The purpose or role of the CHIPSR reference group are to:

  • Provide strategic advice and direction to the CHIPSR
  • Participate in strategic planning meetings for CHIPSR
  • Identify and notify CHIPSR abut collaborations and research opportunities and projects within the CHIPSR mandate.
  • Provide technical expertise when possible to CHIPSR in the form of advice, mentoring, reviewing of documents, technical working groups, etc.

Terms of membership of the CHIPSR Reference Group

Membership of the CHIPSR Reference Group carries no financial benefits, and membership is based on professional attributes of individuals, rather than their organizational affiliation or country of residence.

Reference group members are expected to be working within the Pacific Islands on health financing, health information, and health systems and health policy.

  • Be active in CHIPSR research
  • Have a track record of published academic research and research funding
  • Be willing to provide their expertise and advice on CHIPSR activities, without any expectation of remuneration or other benefit (such as inclusion in publications or research proposals)
  • Participate in at least one teleconference or face to face meeting of the Reference Group per year

The membership of the reference group is not automatically renewed. It will be reviewed annually at the first meeting of each year (to be held in the first quarter).

The Head of CHIPSR will review membership of the reference group prior to this meeting, to check members’ compliance with the requirements. The membership of any person who no longer meets the above requirements will not be renewed. A person whose membership is withdrawn will be informed in writing by the current Reference Group chairperson and Head of CHIPSR. The letter will outline the grounds on which decision to withdraw membership were made.

Members may also withdraw at any time by indicating this in writing to the Reference Group chairperson and the Head of CHIPSR. There is no maximum timeframe for an individual’s membership of the Reference Group providing they continue to meet the above expectations of members.


A minimum of at least two Reference Group meetings will be held per year. Where feasible, one meeting should be held face-to-face, in collaboration with a regional event likely to be attended by many of the members.

The Reference Group Chairperson will be responsible for organization of the meeting in collaboration with the Head of CHIPSR, and for informing all members of the date and arrangements for the meeting. The Head of CHIPSR will disseminate an agenda and any related documents to all members prior to the meeting. The Reference Group Chairperson will set the agenda for a meeting in discussion with the Head of CHIPSR.

The secretary and Head of CHIPSR will produce minutes for review by the Chairperson. The Chairperson will then share them with the Reference Group members for any corrections before they are finalized. At the subsequent meeting, the minutes will be endorsed/ accepted.

As the group is not a decision making body, there is no requirement for a minimum quorum for any meeting to take place. However election of the Chair of the Reference Group will require at least 75% of the members to participate. Similarly decisions on new members and renewals of Reference Group members will require at least 50% of reference group members to participate.

Members of the Reference Group may make contributions and comment via face to face meetings, teleconference or via email. Comments and input may be sought at any time from the group, by the CHIPSR team.

Chairperson of the Reference Group

The Chairperson of the Reference Group will be elected each year, at the first meeting of the year, following the review of the members of the Reference Group. All members of the Reference Group (excluding CHIPSR staff) are eligible to make nominations for the chair and to vote for the Chairperson.

The incumbent Chairperson will first call for nominations for chairperson. If there is more than one nomination, then members will be asked to vote (one vote per member). They will email their vote to the CHIPSR secretary who will total and provide response to the reference group (anonymized). The nominee with the most votes will be chairperson for the year. In the case of a face to face meeting, paper-based voting will be used.