PIHRS Abstract Template

2024 PIHRS Abstract Template for Oral Presentations


Authors listing: (Presenting Author in bold)

Institutional Affiliation and email address (es)

Introduction:  Previous research and/or rationale for performing the study. Include aim and Objective of the study if applicable.

Method: Adequate description of the type of study, study sample and statistical methods used.

Results: Summary of findings, description of analysis, and interpretation of findings.

Discussion: Limitations of the study, implications of the results, and further work.

Word Count:  (indicate number of words: should not Exceed 250 words)

  • If selected, [I consent/ do not consent] to having my abstract published in the conference booklet and online.
  • I prefer to do an oral presentation. If not selected for an oral presentation, I [am/ am not] willing to do oral presentation.
  • I declare that this [abstract/paper] contains information that [has/has not] been presented [fully/partially] at other peer reviewed events, conferences, or published journals. If you have published or presented partially or fully, please provide details.

Instructions: (Delete this section before submission)

  • Only abstracts related to Pacific Islands Health-related research will be considered for the symposium.
  • Reviews of existing studies or research conducted outside the region are not eligible for this symposium.
  • Submit an abstract for oral presentation in the format of the template provided: Font:-Times New Roman 12, Left-justified, single-spaced. Abstracts must not contain tables, figures or photos.
  • Ensure correct spelling of Names, and Titles. Names to be written as: First name, Surname. Professional or academic titles can be included and names of authors separated by commas.
  • Word count of the body of the abstract (Background-Conclusion) should not exceed 250 words.
  • Institutional Affiliation to be presented as: Name of Institution, Country, and Email Contact.
  • For consent to print your abstract in the booklet, strike-out the option that does not apply.
  • For presentation options, strike-out the option that does not apply.
  • For declaration, please strike out the option that does not apply.
  • Delete instructions (this section) prior to submission.