Programme Name Master of Medicine in Surgery (Quota Based)
Programme Description
The Masters of Medicine in Surgery programme addresses the need for Specialist Adult Physicians in the Pacific. In addition to the broad category of general surgery offered at FNU the discipline is often subdivided into various subspecialties, usually centered on the major organ systems of the body. These include, for example, subspecialties such cardiothoracic, vascular, orthopedic, neurosurgery, urology, pediatric, head and neck and plastic and reconstructive. 
Majors Surgery
Minimum Requirement
1. A minimum of 65% overall mark in SGR801.
2. PGDSGR award (but less than 65% overall mark in SGR801), together with a mandatory entrance/general exam (with a minimum score of 65%); or 
3. Repeat of the PGDSGR programme and obtained minimum of 65% in the repeat year for the course SGR80.
The above points must be obtained within the previous 3 years of the proposed year of entry.
4. For those who have obtained the PGDSGR and with a minimum of 65% but have exceeded the maximum 3 years post-qualification (as specified above) for entry into MMED (SGR) will be required to pass the entrance/general exam (>65%). 
Applicants should be a citizen of a Pacific Island country; outside applicants may be considered on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of the HOS in consultation with discipline/unit head and the PGAC..
Programme Type Masters
Credit Points Required 460
Duration 3
Estimated Tution Fees - Local (FJD) $48,669.00
Year 1
Core Units Offered In
MED811 - Health Management & Research Project Proposal Development , MED812 - , - , - Additional Public Health Courses,
Year 2
Core Units Offered In
Year 3
Core Units Offered In