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Unit Code: MED812

Unit Name: Implementation of Research Project Proposal

Description: The aim of this course is to produce a graduate competent at critically appraising their clinical setting, asking questions about the improvement of systems and processes and appraising available information in a systematic manner to arrive at evidence based decisions and solutions. The course MED811 is a prerequisite to the MED812. At the end of MED811, a candidate is required to have formulated a draft research proposal and engaged with an appropriate supervisor who has supervised the development of the proposal. The draft proposal is important to gauge the primary and co-supervision needs of the student. This draft is also the basis on which further improvements will ensue to produce a final research proposal. At this stage; students are considered Primary Investigators or Primary Researchers and are obligated to adhere to the University Research Policy Final proposals shall be submitted to the College Health Research Ethics Committee (CHREC) for technical and ethical review and approval before the studies are given clearance for implementation. Following approval from CHREC, it is the student\\\'s responsibility to also obtain ethics approval of the same proposal from the Ministry of Health and Medical Services Research Ethics Committee, and also site approval from the relevant Hospital Medical Superintendent, for use of the applicable hospital data. Both students and their supervisor(s) are advised to agree to a mutually acceptable mechanism of research supervision and research progress tracking. This progress is monitored at the discipline level by research coordinators and at the program level by the course convener or MED812. There is no continuous assessment until the final year of the MMED program (year 3) or at the end of the research presentation and submission of write-up; whichever comes first. It is strongly recommended that students use their 2nd year of the MMED programme to make sure that all the appropriate approvals are received possible for well organised students to complete the research project in the 3rd year of the MMED program. In cases where the research project may be delayed, it is possible for the student to apply for an extension of not more than 1 year to allow completion of the research component of the program. Applications for deferral or extension should be made in writing via the supervisory discipline to the postgraduate advisory committee, and academic office, with a copy to the course convener. This course is an annualized course spread over two semesters with the following course content: First Semester: 1. Data collection 2. Data entry 3. Data collation and validation 4. Data Analysis Plan 5. Data analysis 6. Draft data analysis report 7. Finalized Data Analysis report Second Semester 1.Thesis write-up 2. Final review 3. Submission to external and internal examiners 4. Supervisor and convener mock presentation 5. SMS mock presentation 6. Final review and revision 7. Oral Presentation Examination to FNU examiners 8. Submission of Final Report (5,000-10,000 words), excluding tables, reference lists, annexes and other adjunct material

Learning Target Outcomes: On successful completion of this course, the students will be able to: 1. Implement data collection as per approved research proposal. 2. Implement data cleaning and management. 3. Utilize appropriate analysis methods to test the hypothesis and answer the research question(s) in the research proposal. 4. Interpret the analyzed results, align them to the study aims and objectives, and discuss the results. 5. Prepare the research project for an oral defense presentation and make presentation to a panel of FNU examiners. 6. Complete the research project write-up for assessment by external and internal examiners and incorporate recommended changes before submission of a final bound version.

Prerequisite: 1. Pass in MED811 and relevant School of Medical Science discipline 820 & 830 level courses. 2. Full approval of the research proposal.

Prerequisite Sentence: N/A

Credit Point: 60

Offered In: Semester 1,2