Programme Name Master of Health Services Management (Quota Based)
Programme Description
The programme aims to graduate students who will be able to critically analyze the range of public health issues occurring among Pacific populations; and propose feasible recommendations based on theoretical propositions and professional principles, apply the methods of literature review, epidemiology and statistics to the study of a particular public health issue, submitted in a Major Project presented at a high level of written expressions and analytical precision and effectively presents accurate demographic, statistical, programmematic, and scientific information for professional and lay audiences.
Majors Health Services Management
Minimum Requirement
1. Obtained a Bachelor’s degree in the relevant discipline (Humanities, Sociology, Medicine, Research, Climate Change, etc.) with a minimum GPA of 3.0 out of 4.5 and/ or out of 5.0.
2. Having completed the Postgraduate Diploma courses in HSM, Public Health and Applied Epidemiology with an overall grade ‘B-’ average or 65% and above in PGD.
3. If an applicant cannot attain this grade, he/she needs to repeat a course from the relevant PGD level to improve their marks in order to qualify for do the Masters programme.
4. Applicants may also be admitted to these master’s programmes who may not meet the requirement on the years of continuous education progression, but who are able to demonstrate their ability to succeed in programmes at these levels on the basis of their maturity, work experience or prior learning. The Dean may require such an applicant to sit for any specific or general examination as a prerequisite for any such enrolment, or may restrict enrolment only to certain prescribed courses that must be passed to progress further (UASR 2017 pg 29
5. Applicants enrolling straight for Master’s Degree level have to submit their application form together with their Research Intent. Topic of research can be students own choice or to select a topic from SPHPC research priority.
6. Students who have completed a Master’s degree in related field (Humanities, Sociology, Medicine, Research, Climate Change, etc.), can apply to only to the Masters level courses (4 units). This is conditional and subject to Credit Transfer Clause under the UASR, however, there will be no cross-credit to the Thesis course(s). Students will also be required to submit their Research Intent with application form.
7. Regional and international applicants will need qualifications assessed by the Pacific Community (SPC)’s Educational Quality and Assessment Program..
Programme Type Masters
Credit Points Required 240
Campus Tamavua
Duration 2
Estimated Tution Fees - Local (FJD) $6,490.00
Estimated Tution Fees - Regional $6,490.00